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    Trading Terminal Disconnection

    There are lot concerns that are being voiced by forum members that trading terminal gets disconnected when ever markets are supposed to make uni directional move. What so ever may be the reason - Technical or intentional manipulation - it should not happen in the future. Or whats the remedy...
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    RLCO Trading System

    RLCO Trading system -------------------- Below is the system description document of RLCO Trading system trained in the Van Tharp workshops by Ken Long...
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    Traders Favorite Decision Tools - 1

    This is just continuation of the poll since maximum poll option has a limit of 10. Please participate in the poll.And request to discuss in the Main thread.
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    Traders Favorite Decision Tools

    Trading system/charts is the arsenal of every trader. It is organizing the available data to make better decisions. There are numerous indicators/data available which each trader uses to make his trading decision. Some believe in pure price action. Some believe in Indicator based...
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    My Trading Business Plan

    Trading business plan is the blue print of ones beliefs about markets,trading,goals, and plan to achieve the goals. Challenges and change one need to under go for greater success in Trading. Trading is Mind,Method and Money Management. To achieve greater success in the risky trading...
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    Day Trading vs Swing Trading

    Trading is self discovery !!! In a trading career at some point of time one discovers oneself as day trader or swing trader. I request traders to pen their preferred trading style day trading or swing trading or both 1) Beliefs and reason behind their decision. 2) If any one moved from day...
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    Best exit strategy

    IMO Entry is always very easy in Trading. It is the exit strategy which I find it difficult to device. TRADERS WHAT IS THE BEST EXIT STRATEGY ? Please share your experience. Many Thanks in advance.
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    Procon - Cheapest Equity/Commodity Broker

    Hi Friends, Happened to find one more discount broker offering flat brokerage Equity/Commodity for unlimited trading @1000 rs. Members pls share your experiences with them if you have already account with them. I have asked them to visit Traderji to...
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    Technical Analysis - Graduation Day :)

    Dear Friends, The realm of technical analysis,Systems,Indicators and Theories seems to be never ending.The hype behind each theory,indicator,systems makes one to put sufficient time,money,effort to learn,understand,risk his money and then come to a conclusion to take it or not. In my...
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    Help - tick data

    Dear Friends, Can any one upload the tick data of the Nifty 50 stocks for the past three months. Or any pointers where I can get it. TIA.
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    My Day Trading Journal

    Dear Friends, It has been almost 10 months since I joined Traderji. I am diseased with Analysis paralysis. Because of this I couldn't discipline my mind for it was always jumping from strategy to strategy,Indicators to indicators and software to software. It is time to focus trading and say...
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    Free Yahoo Data to AMIBROKER

    Friends, Please check the utility MyQuotes from volume digger. http://www.volumedigger. com/Software/myQuotes.aspx It claims to fetch 50 NSE symbols RT Equity(cash) data from Yahoo for Free. Remove the space between . and com Thanks, -JK
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    Best Trading Terminal

    Hello All, Wanna know the best trading terminal available for the Sub brokers with 1. Bulk order facilities 2. Automation tools Thanks, JK