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    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...
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    What is Fundamental Analysis

    Hi You can see how the earning growth and PE can be used to project Future Price of a Stock
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    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...

    It is an Access data base template connected to Excel data
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    stocks 10 years financial data books

    You can see 10 years data at
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    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...

    2.TECHNOCRAFT INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD 40 year old company in diversified feilds... presence in 10 counties and exporting to 80 Countries TIIL is the second largest global manufacturer of Steel Drum Closures including Tite Seal Flanges & Plugs, Tite Seal Gaskets, Tite Seal Leak Locks Plugs...
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    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...

    1. Astra Microwave Products Ltd A very good growth company. Oscar Capital says : Astra Microwave is one of those rare bets that fits both our Top-Down (Huge Opportunity Size, Accelerating Growth, Structural drivers) and Bottom-Up (Good Management, Prudent Capital Allocation, Healthy Return...
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    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...

    Hi Friends The aim of this thread is to Analyse the Stocks which are being talked in our Forum. Their Fair value and One year Target Price based on their current and past performance... Investing is not a science that we can use some magic formulae and win big... It involves valuation...
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    Combine TA and FA

    Hi dweep TA on indexes are predictable to an extent but not the Individual Stocks. Not only FA and TA , The TA on daily chart and TA on weekly can have different directions. TA on each of min, daily, weekly prices are useful for different holding period of stocks. But any chart we refer...
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    Access Options Database for free

    Summary Have a look at
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    Access Options Database for free

    Sorry asish It was not loading that time Hope you can see clearly now Nanjil
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    Day Trading is it worth ?

    AE says Markets are the most entertaining places on the face of the Earth. They are like a card game, a chess game, and a horse race all rolled into one. Trading is the most exciting activity that a person can do with their clothes on. Trouble is, you cannot feel excited and make money at...
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    Access Options Database for free

    Mr.Asish I appreciate your sense of humour. But I have seen many blind men with proper training walk very well and cautious. Have a look at the attached snapshots Regards Nanjil
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    Combine TA and FA

    Hi friends... " Markets emit huge volumes of information. Our tools help organize these flows into a manageable form. It is important to select analytic tools and techniques that make sense to you, put them together into a coherent system, and focus on money management." - Alexander Eldar...
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    Fundamentals of the company

    Have a look at the data sheet attached It is an effort to combine FA and TA Suggestions Comments welcome
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    Access Options Database for free

    Hi friends, I am learning Options People around me say any mad thing I do I do method in madness. I have been developing a stencil in access to compare the Options close Change in close , Open interest, Lot size and risk money etc etc. I wish to pass on to people who are interested...
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    How accurate you are in Identifying a Multibagger.

    Hi all Let me try My list : KEI Industries : CMP: 80 Anticipated EPS March2009 is 18-20 PE of 12 will take it to 240 Panama Petrochem Ltd CMP: 180 Anticipated EPS March2009 is 55 PE of 7 will take it to 385 Bartronics India Ltd CMP: 215 Anticipated EPS March2009 is 22 PE of 22...
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    Are Technical analysts idiots?

    Hi all Let me paste few abstracts from Dr.Alexander A beginner entering the markets soon finds himself surrounded by a colorful crowd of gurusexperts who sell trading advice. Explore to know most are failed traders Traders go through three stages in their attitudes towards gurus. In the...
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    Nanjil here

    A civil engineer by profession. Keen student of Indian stock market. Doing my home work with a lot of data hoping to device my own entry exit levels for medium term say six moths... My experiences... When I have started I started beleiving all the analysts and recomendations. It did not...
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    article: P/E Ratio Unplugged

    Hi all Posted the above link for ready reference If you are thinking about stocks you are thinking about P/E ratio. This is one of the most commonly used valuation multiples in the stock market community. Although very simple to calculate, it is one with gargantuan implications. The P/E...
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    Future of Varun Shipping

    Hallo (Thanks to ICICI Sector watch) Shipping companies continue to do well aided by good freight rates. The average freight rates over the last year have improved sequentially - in the case of very large crude carriers, average freight rates have improved sequentially by about 111 per...