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    Please recommend best web based entertainment app(Hindi)

    Please recommend entertainment web portal having good content for family in Hindi
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    TWEAK this AFL

    This AFL is for exploration on EOD(daily chart). Short= close above BBTop,pr. day candle green(UP),Current day Close less than pre. day Low(Bearish Engulfing) Buy= close below BB Bottom,Pre.Day candle red,(Down)Current day close Higher than Pre. Day High(Bullish Engulfing) This...
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    Slow editing of AFL

    My AFL is very long so editing is very very slow.Will PC upgrade solve my problem?I am using CPU with I3 processor at present.
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    Hi After all sort of experiments,view of chart has improved to some extent.But I think i should go for "ZOOM RECENT BARS".This feature is available in several softwares/terminals.May I have code for it?
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    Pl. see image. Chart on left is a view of my original AFL with styleNoReScale.I have changed yaxis parameters(minimum/maximum values of yaxis) for proper view. Chart on right is a view of AFL with styleOwnScale.This AFL gives a view which is easy on eye and I do not need to change yaxis...
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    I have tried following options mentioned in manual.But I have not received desired view.I have to keep adjusting Yaxis values in parameter window otherwise sometimes I can can hardly see candle.(see image)Pl. suggest necessary tweaking options. Code 1: mid1 = WMA( C, Period1 ); sd1 = StDev(...
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    Dear Amit Thanks a lot for prompt guidance. Solution given by you has worked like charm Pl. suggest tweaking of cloud code as it also distorts chart view. Code: bwclr = IIf( ( TP9Fw < TP9Lw ), colorOrange, IIf( ( TP9Fw > TP9Lw ) , colorPink, colorLightGrey ) ); PlotOHLC( TP9Fw...
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    Hi My code has Monthly,Weekly,Daily MTF lines.These MTF lines compress chart view.I have tried various scale options to correct this but theses attempts have failed to deliver desired results.Pl. suggest ways to plot only those MTF lines which are close to(40 pips below/above) current bar only...
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    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    I use following code for BB. mid = WMA( C, Period ); sd = StDev( C, Period ); Top = mid + Width * sd; Bot = mid - Width * sd; I want pale green color for Bot for Cond1 ,Green color for Cond2 and DarkOliveGreen for Cond3. I want Pink color for Top for Cond1 ,Red color for Cond2 and...
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    Before posting here I had contacted 3 hardware experts.All 3 of them suggested 3 different solutions for my PC.All of them were off the mark hence I wasted money in search of right solution.I request you to suggest a book which may help me in troubleshooting PC.
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    yes.applied heat sink compound to overheating IC. On second thought.Is that IC the root cause of my problem? P.S.Overheating has reduced since application of heat sink compound.Shall I use auxiliary fan or go for replacement of IC?
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    received this suggestion,Format full HDD and re-partition it.Keep 1st partition small(about 1 GB) second partition of about 100 GB and divide rest of HDD randomly.Install OS on 2nd partition.and delete 1st partition.Guy who suggested this says that this last step(deleting 1st drive)is...
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    Dear Jahan, Thanks for inputs.Will it help if I install OS in drive other than present C drive?
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    Dear Jahan, Thanks Used BOOTICE to fix the problem.Now OS starts smoothly.Nagging click sound(probable source HDD)has stopped.Let us see for how long this remains effective.BTW a disk check utility has showed 2 bad sectors while in-built disk checking utility says that HDD has no bad sectors.Any...
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    My OS(Win7) was crashing frequently,so I called professional for installation.As installation was taking too long he had opined that it may be due to bad sectors.But on checking,no bad sector was found.Today OS has crashed once again so used restore tool to fix it. What is probable cause?
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    Auto Skip or Auto viewing charts as slide show in Amibroker?

    Here is some code that can be used to turn your charts into a slideshow which steps thru the symbols in a Watchlist at a pace of your choosing.
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    Pl. share BT settings

    I am getting wrong BT results due to incorrect Buy Sell Short Cover prices in back testing.It seems my BT settings are not correct. Pl. save your settings and send.
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    Seeking help for MT4

    Hi I need to export data from MT4 to specific folder and NOT to where mt4 saves the export files. the reson is becouse the new version of mt4 does not work anymore with amibroker usally when you export files from mt4 the defauld folder tha mt4 saves the data is c:\Program Files\XM...