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    thread on Real Estate

    We have discussed at length on this forum on risk management. We have discussions here on equity, derivatives, debt, foreign exchange, commodities and other money market instruments. I have not come across any serious discussion on realty as investment option. May be because amounts...
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    requirement of computer programmer

    Anybody is interested in a programming assignment and from Calicut (Kozhikode) pls let me know.
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    Job experiences in Financial markets

    My earlier threads are received lot of responses, so i desire to share some more thoughts on this. A lot of professional are employed in jobs relating to Finanacial Markets, such as dealers (traders), back office personnel (involved in processing and maintenance of data), Risk Managers...
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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    A lot of told about Risk and Money management in this forum. Is there any kind of insurance option available in securities trading?
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    Stock market returns

    We see lot of expectations from the market. Some people go in for above 100% to -80% (Highest and lowest i hear so far). Is there a way to calculate the stock returns over 5 year periods. senior traders may share their experience. If anybody can update me his expected return, with the rationale...
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    EOD Data of international markets

    How can i get the eod data from international markets (China, Brazil, Russia) ?
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    hi everybody