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    Can any 1 identify this indicators

    hi, Please help me in finding out the name of these two indicators used in the below chart. Thanks in advance
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    My Intra Day Copper Trading Technique

    Hi, First of all let me tell you I am not an expert in technical analysis. I am still learning from many gurus here. I am going to explain here an intra day system to trade with copper. So far it is giving me very good results. Thats why i thought to post the system here, so that small...
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    Need Help with MT4 Server

    Hi, I am using Mt4 for learning technical analysis. But I dont have usd inr showing in that. Can any one pls help me on which server usd inr is available. Thanks in advance, Sujith
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    Need Help On Odin Diet

    Is there any way to put multiple orders (say 10-20 diferent clients) on a cmp on Odin Client. For eg: If the crude oil price is 5000-5001 ...Is it possible to put buy for 20 different clients @ cmp 5001 at same time. :annoyed: Thanks in advance
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    Manipulation on crude Oil

    A type of manipulation that we have seen during yesterdays trading hours. Crude rate was 4503. Buyers were around 1500 and sellers very near to that. Suddenly we saw Buyers rising to 5000 and sellers unchanged. In the next 20 minutes or so Crude fell 40 points followed by another 65 in subseq...
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    Newbee here... Need advices from experts

    Hi, I just started trading few months ago. I am simply making and losing money at a time. I dont know how it is happening with that much accuracy. If I am getting 5000 Rs a day, next day i will be losing a minimum of 6000. :( . net result is negative. I am having account in religare and...
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    Beginner in commodity trading

    Hii, I am beginner in commodity trading. I dont know the technical facts behind price up and down in energy and base metals. I simply follow the calls given by a company. Is that the right way to do. My net result is not too good, considering the time i sit infront of the terminal. Can any...
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    Software for connodity trading...

    Hii all, Does any one knows any good software which gives us technical support on buy and sell in commodity Items... If so please give me the details on that... Also if having time please tell me your experience with that software too... Thanks in advance.... Suji
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    Hii All

    Am new to here. Hope I will b having a nice time here...