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    Help required:Minimum Maximum scaling option of Amibroker

    I need sample AFL using Minimum Maximum scaling option of Amibroker .Please post AFL using Minimum,Maximum for scale.
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    Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?

    If anyone has attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar,please share details.
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    Please correct this code.

    I have AFL for plotting 2 Bollinger Bands.I intend to plot Bollinger Band lines of 150 minutes TF on 30 minute charts.It seems this code is not plotting MTF lines on chart which is highlighted by mismatch in label of MTF lines.(Please see image).Please correct EDITED version of my code.
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    Required Nifty(F) IEOD data 1 min TF from 20 th Dec.2019 to 20th Jan 2020.

    Hi I need Nifty(F) IEOD data 1 min TF from 20 th Dec.2019 to 20th Jan 2020. Pl. help. regards bharat
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    Please recommend best web based entertainment app(Hindi)

    Please recommend entertainment web portal having good content for family in Hindi
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    TWEAK this AFL

    This AFL is for exploration on EOD(daily chart). Short= close above BBTop,pr. day candle green(UP),Current day Close less than pre. day Low(Bearish Engulfing) Buy= close below BB Bottom,Pre.Day candle red,(Down)Current day close Higher than Pre. Day High(Bullish Engulfing) This...
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    Slow editing of AFL

    My AFL is very long so editing is very very slow.Will PC upgrade solve my problem?I am using CPU with I3 processor at present.
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    Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chart view.

    Hi My code has Monthly,Weekly,Daily MTF lines.These MTF lines compress chart view.I have tried various scale options to correct this but theses attempts have failed to deliver desired results.Pl. suggest ways to plot only those MTF lines which are close to(40 pips below/above) current bar only...
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    frequent crashing of OS.

    My OS(Win7) was crashing frequently,so I called professional for installation.As installation was taking too long he had opined that it may be due to bad sectors.But on checking,no bad sector was found.Today OS has crashed once again so used restore tool to fix it. What is probable cause?
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    Pl. share BT settings

    I am getting wrong BT results due to incorrect Buy Sell Short Cover prices in back testing.It seems my BT settings are not correct. Pl. save your settings and send.
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    Seeking help for MT4

    Hi I need to export data from MT4 to specific folder and NOT to where mt4 saves the export files. the reson is becouse the new version of mt4 does not work anymore with amibroker usally when you export files from mt4 the defauld folder tha mt4 saves the data is c:\Program Files\XM...
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    how to resolve this issue pertaining to yahoo mail?

    Whenever I am trying to log in to yahoo mail,I am not able to sign in.I am getting this message(see image) How to resolve the issue?
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    Names of RT data vendors for Advanced get required.

    I need names of RT data vendors(NSE) for Advanced get
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    pl. correct diversion code

    I am using following code to plot RSI and OBV diversion.This code misses plotting divergence at some places.Pl. correct it. RBP = ( ( RSI( 9 ) >= HHV( RSI( 9 ), 9 ) ) AND ( Close < HHV( Close, 9 ) ) ) OR ( ( Close <= LLV( Close, 9 ) ) AND ( RSI( 9 ) > LLV( RSI( 9 ), 9 ) ) ); //RSI -ve RBN...
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    required backtesting simulator AFL......

    I am looking for a backtesting simulator mentioned here, If you have AFL similar to this one,pl. share.
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    I want to place RSI and OBV on "transparent" layers.

    Found this information in Amibroker help manual ...... Layers are like pieces of transparent plastic If so Can I place OBV/RSI on this transparent layer? I prefer to have RSI and OBV on same chart,but it seems it squeezes my chart view due to clash of scales. So I want to place RSI...
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    Pl. convert this code to .mq4 file

    I have a code which plots BB with deviation in decimal points. Pl. convert it to .mq4 file -- The indicator corresponds to the Bollinger Bands indicator in MetaTrader. -- The formula is described in the Kaufman "Trading Systems and Methods" chapter 5 "Trend System" (page 91-94) --...
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    My yahoo mail account is

    Hacker has deleted contact list from my yahoo mail account,and is sending fake SOS messages to my friends,asking monetary help.I have changed password several times.I have used spyware removal soft wares to remove spywares too.But mails sent to me do not reach my inbox.When I try to send...
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    broker offering 50 times leverage

    A broker has offered 50 times leverage for trading stocks and commodities.Any one offering more leverage?
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    blank D drive

    Today,I was not able to log on to AB installed in D drive. I saw message the disk in D drive is not formatted,do you want to format it now? Disk property shows File system RAW,Used space zero bytes Free space zero bytes Capacity zero bytes.How can I recover my AFLs from D drive.?