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  1. NJ23

    Historical NFO tick by tick data?

    TrueData has quoted a price of INR 80,000 plus taxes for only for NSE Futures tick by tick history of one year. Any other options apart from GDFL where I can get historical TBT data including Options data?
  2. NJ23

    AmiBroker for Options backtesting?

    Is it a good idea to backtest options strategies in AmiBroker? Can it be used for such purpose? Any other options backtesters you can suggest?
  3. NJ23

    Upstox & Kite APIs

    Which one is better in terms of stability, latency, connection issues?
  4. NJ23

    Orders getting rejected?

    Has anybody faced an issue that the orders are getting rejected with the reason: I was told by the broker that this is an issue at the exchanges. Just wanted to confirm if anyone else is facing the same issue?
  5. NJ23

    NEST Trader issues

    Hey there. I have an amazon EC2 VPS which is running a windows server 2012 r2. 64 bit OS. I have a windows 8.1 64 bit installed at my desktop at home. I'm facing certain issues with NEST Plus. When I try to fire orders via NEST Plus API at my desktop, I can easily fire them. But when I...
  6. NJ23

    Valvenet's Robotrade anyone?

    Has anyone tried Valvenet's Robotrade for fully automated algo trading? Any reviews of it?
  7. NJ23

    NeoTrade's Cloud Data Feed?

    Has anyone tried NeoTrade Analytic's cloud data feed? They are offering a VPS on which we can have our charting tool and our broker terminal installed. Has anyone tried it?
  8. NJ23

    Historical 1 minute data request

    Hello I'm looking for 1 minute TF intraday data (the larger the history, the better). CSV/Text file/AmiBroker any format would do. Instruments: Currency Futures(NSE/MCX) Metals and Energy(MCX) Indices and Futures(NSE) If anyone has this data can you please share? Thanks in advance.
  9. NJ23

    Monte Carlo Simulation - Correct Assessment?

    I have backtested a strategy on two different symbols. For both of them time frame is different(I backtested them one after the other). One trades on X min time frame and the other on Y min time frame. I wanted to run a simulation on how this would go when traded together. I couldn't find a...
  10. NJ23

    Options Backtesting Software?

    Does anyone know of a "Backtesting" software for options traded on NSE? Including Currency options?
  11. NJ23

    Nest API Libraries

    Hi, I want to know how do we obtain the copy of libraries that are required for linking. Do I have to contact my broker for those libraries?
  12. NJ23

    Backtesting period

    How much of data should be sufficient for an intraday strategy based on 5 minute bar? I have used 2 months. Should that be enough?
  13. NJ23

    Can ETFs be shorted for more than one day in India?

    I was wondering if it's possible for individuals to 'short' an ETF and carry the position for more than one day? Also is it possible to short it intraday?