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  1. apegaonkar9

    Where I can get F & O interest values

    Hello Can you please provide me site where I can get F & O values with OPen interests details? Thanks Apegaonkar
  2. apegaonkar9

    Who will win trade war battle China or US ?

    Please provide the possible assumption / Reasons
  3. apegaonkar9

    Why many technical and fundamental expert analysts fails in long run ?

    Dear All, We are really fortunate that we have many technical as well as fundamental experts with experience with the best knowledge on the subject. I am always tortured with the question why this people fail on long term basis in miserable conditions ( Sure there must be exceptions keeping low...
  4. apegaonkar9

    Will market crash after GIC IPO listing

    Hi, It has been common observation from my personal side that every time after mega IPO market has been crashed befor or after listing. This is strictly my view. :joyful: Still I am going to apply for same:joyful: Expert on TJ forum wisdom is highly appreciated. Regards Subodh
  5. apegaonkar9

    Is it worth to buy RIL after bonus

    Dear All, Frankly speaking I don't have much trust on Mukesh and his family, Any offer has great hidden loop holes. Your opinion should go for short term or avoid this?
  6. apegaonkar9

    How to find least resistance path in market ? Need help

    [/U][/I]Dear All Requesting to express your opinion or wisdom on above subject as this has been discussed or mentioned by many on many forums as the fundamental rule in stock market . I am really get confused with this term.:rofl::rofl: Help. Thanking you in the anticipation. Subodh
  7. apegaonkar9

    Is China central bank debt crisis will be around for ,Who will benefit ?

    Hi, As central bank of China is continue with mounting debt crisis,efforts taken to correct it are going vain. If central bank fails to tackle the issue , who will be going to benefit the most? As all aware the Soros the most successful currency manipulator mostly in destructive way is behind...
  8. apegaonkar9

    Can ordinary / illiterate make money with proven system ?

    Dear All, Is it possible for ordinary/illiterate person makes money more successfully with system proven with 70/30 winning ratio with fixed numer of trades. This question arises in my mind as we always here intellectual terms , psychological pitfall are enemy of traders like loss...
  9. apegaonkar9

    Why fail to cath at leat one from high rising script of year

    Dear All, I always wonder at year end why I miss to catch at least 1 script from high rising script of the years. As we all here to earn handsome money, The answer may found in my belief system. Still question remains what necessary to change this picture . Hope all will contribute to...