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  1. Neeya Naana

    anyone earning consistent profits from part time commodity trading

    Nice thread. it is very informative to all
  2. Neeya Naana

    Advise needed

    1. It is enough to start with broadband connection as you are a subbroker/remiser now 2. you can start with these 25 retail clients. but, dont promise any guaranteed returns. all the decision relating to trading should be taken by your clients. 3. Dont try to give any portfolio services to...
  3. Neeya Naana

    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    This thread is really helpful for me to understand the various concepts in amibroker. Thanks to happysingh and other active members of this thread
  4. Neeya Naana

    heiken ashi afl

    Copy the below code by right clicking "Edit formula" in your amibroker chart. and save the page. a=20; _SECTION_BEGIN("HeikenAshiSmoothed"); GraphXSpace=5; p=20; Om=DEMA(O,p); hm=DEMA(H,p); lm=DEMA(L,p); Cm=DEMA(C,p); HACLOSE=(Om+Hm+Lm+Cm)/4; HaOpen = AMA( Ref( HaClose, -1), 1); HaHigh = Max(...
  5. Neeya Naana

    Identifying Trend Reversal Point for intraday and positional

    How to identify the trend reversal for intraday and positional trading? How to see the reversal in the chart? I need detailed analysis of various senior members with their trading styles. generally, entry is easy for me. but exit is little hard. because, i am struggling to find the...
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    Dont create userid wiith the name of your email. this is against forum rules
  7. Neeya Naana

    Survey: Financial Literacy and Stock Market Participation

    Great thanks for such advertisement
  8. Neeya Naana

    Want to trade in commocities

    Read various strategies in "Advanced trading strategies" section, learn about using amibroker and metatrader. you can get some ideas about trading
  9. Neeya Naana

    macd and adx .. a deadly combo ...

    Thanks to Rish and amitrandive It is now working for me.
  10. Neeya Naana

    macd and adx .. a deadly combo ...

    I am not able to see the chart if i post the afl code it is showing very blank page only. can anyone help me?
  11. Neeya Naana

    macd and adx .. a deadly combo ...

    hello amitrandive, thanks for sharing the afl
  12. Neeya Naana

    Simple Coding Help - No Promise.

    hello amitrandive, Where is the final afl code for ADX-MACD Crossover system?
  13. Neeya Naana

    Hi all

    I am also new to traderji