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  1. shri_r3

    MACD and MACD Histogram

    Hello friends, Today I came across these videos on Macd and macd histogram on youtube. Very good explanation of this technical indicator. I suggest you to check out the videos really clear cut and precise. Here is the link: Part 1: Part 2...
  2. shri_r3

    Metastock and Amibroker NSE EOD data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012

    Hi friends, I have compiled metastock eod data from 01-Jan-2006 to 14-Aug-2012. I have used Data downloader software to download eod from NSE website. The data can be readily used with metastock by pointing to database folder. For Amibroker this can be converted using metastock plugin built in...