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    I have had a BAD experience with them too. I would not suggest you to subscribe for their newsletter.
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    Itc & Hll

    HLL has been a laggard till recently. However I favor this company for a good move now. Have you seen the movement in Colgate??
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    A Group Stock Picks

    Good move by Chennai Petro and Koch Refn today! Also not forgetting the big move by BPCL!
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    immediate stock tips from me!! sure shot!!

    Thank you for the advice and stock picks. This is a free and open forum for anybody to post and read. I am sure all members here in this forum can make their own decision wheather to leave this forum or not. However if you want to stay here you are welcome. If you do not want to continue here...
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    ICICI Demat Account... Help!!!

    It sure is a shame (sham)! Being the largest online broker and not having the required infrastructure! It reminds we of the ol' days when we had to wait for years to get a telephone conection. Guess we need more competition in this service sector.
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    Nifty Future trend

    I have observed 2.30 pm to be a significant turning point in the markets on most days!
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    ICICI Demat Account... Help!!!

    I had the same problem. Could not not log in between 10-12. Got te Server Busy error! Can anyone recommend a more reliable online service??
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    Advance-Decline Line

    Thanks Lalitgu, The link you have listed if for the futures market. For the cash market the correct link is I will now have to plot this data manually every day.
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    PRISM CEMENT - Low Price Stock Pick

    According to this post your stoploss in Prism Cement shoud be 18.00 and based on this post your stoploss for Bank of India should be 92.50!
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    Advance-Decline Line

    Can anyone tell me where I can get the advance and decline issues data every day? MY data provider (vitratechindia) does not provide this data!
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    Does the Market top out on good news or bad news??

    WHEN DO MARKETS TOP OUT ????? This info was forwarded to me by mail and thought I would share it members here.
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    My IntradayView and short term possibilities

    Have some patience and check out the Trading Tips & Picks for Stocks & Indices and Stock Picks & Tips forums.
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    Technical Analysis - Stock Pick

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TRADERJI! Bank of India is up 4% at 107.00 confirming an uptrend and upside breakout. Those who missed out can BUY NOW!!!
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    nifty future trading at huge discount

    Huge discount on June Nifty Futures Why the huge discount on the June Nifty Futures. Is it because of dividend payout by some stocks on the Nifty?
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    Structure is positive!

    :D LOL :D At first I always wondered what structure was!!! Was it a technical chart pattern or indicator??, but after listening closely I finally figured it!!! Heh Heh ...
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    Is NSE 50 Nifty ready for nose dive?

    Re: Is Nifty ready for nose dive? Thanks great Traderji sir you analysis was right on target! The market turned from 2007!
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    Fundamental Flaw of Every Trader

    Fundamental Flaw of Every Trader As humans we have a natural tendency to try and influence our surroundings and events we take part in. This is one reason we, as a species, have succeeded but it is also one of the fundamental flaws we all have when trying to achieve success as a traders...
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    Is NSE 50 Nifty ready for nose dive?

    Re: Is Nifty ready for nose dive? I see a BULLISH RSI Divergence in the NSE Nifty 50 and therefore see the NSE 50 Nifty taking support at 1900! You can see chart at
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    India Infoline IPO

    If we go into a BEAR market I don't think this script will do well considering the drop in trading turnover and also their profits. During bull markets all securities compaies to very well. However in bear markets things are totally different!
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    Nifty about to bounce back

    With a test of the 1900 levels again it looks like a good possibility but only to go down lower and lower!