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    SMS/email alerts

    Try this to set alerts on your email.
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    Fundamental picks

    what do u think is the fundamentally strong pick right now. I am talking in terms of long term.
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    Best Stock recommendation service

    I totally rely on self research. There are upteen number of sites available which provides great info. on various equities.
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    I quite agree with you. Myiris and moneycontrol are some of the very good sites available. Moneycontrol and Investopedia can also be clasified which could help beginners. Site which is quite strong technically and in case of answering abstract questions is
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    Assam Company

    Assamco is performing quite well right now. There seems to be more of Bearish events taking place.
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    Are these stocks good for Med to Long term

    Taking one by looks like is a preferred stock. showing more bullish tendencies, guess u can hold it for some more time.
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    Jai Corporation

    yes probably the stock would do good in the long run. Guess we need to wait for couple of years to see some real good results.
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    Let me know about Geogit and IDBI...where would they head in 6 mnths from now.
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    Ranbaxy Lab.

    What is your opinion on Ranbaxy. The signals are all bullish for the company. Would it touch the 500 level mark in the next few months?
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    share vital websites here

    Sites I refer are,,,
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    Post all your stock queries here.

    How do we measure risk. Can VaR considered to be a 'reliable' tool for measuring risk?
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    Jai Corporation

    This is what the EGM is about: Jai Corp to hold EGM The board of Jai Corp has approved holding an EGM on 18 March 2008 to seek members approval for increasing number of directors of the company, increasing sitting fee payable to the directors, changing the borrowing limits of the company...
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    ELECON engineering

    Elecon looks good to me. Has bullish signals
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    Good Technical Analysis Sites For Beginners

    Check this out, i have given RII or Reliance Infrastructure for example sake The technical page consist of indicators like WLR/MACD/ROC/MFI etc. You can choose the type of graph like intraday/3m/6m etc. In the same...
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    VaR and its usefulness in Trading

    as per wikipedia VaR is defined as "The time horizon (period) to be analyzed may relate to the time period over which a financial institution is committed to holding its portfolio, or to the time required to liquidate assets" This greatly helps in analysing of risk level and such a tool is...
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    Fundamental Data Site ?

    I agree with the above as far as moneycontrol and myiris are concerned. Try, which gives a comprehensive list of indicators under 'Fundamental Analysis'
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    Apart from icharts, seems to be good in terms of technical analysis for BSE related stocks
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    Suggest the best free tech analysis software

    You can check out the Tech. Chart section at It has great interactive charts, u get related company news, Peerlist, symbol Analytics which is very very useful. It is great for beginners like me and seasoned investors too!
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    What is Fundamental Analysis

    Some of the Fundamental Tools as already mentioned are Earnings Pershare-EPS Price to Earnings -P/E Projected Earnings Growth - PEG Price to Sales - P/S Price to Book -P/B Dividend Payout Ratio Dividend Yield Book Value Return on Equity lists out the various tools and provides...
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    What is Fundamental Analysis

    What is VaR? and how does it affect the stock prices? Is it a part of Fundamental analysis?