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    Bollinger Bands techniques

    Dear friends I found this website which contains useful information about BB.
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    Anirudh Sethi Report

    Dear fellows, I want to subscribe Anirudh Sethi Report. Have anyone his subscription and can share experience.
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    Seggestion on Nokia Lumia

    Dear friends, I want to purchase Nokia Lumia mobile. Will I able to run Amibroker, Meta Trader, Nest Trader on it ? If someone already using it, please suggest.
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    Buy Sell Alerts

    I request to add Buy Sell alerts on screen with sound and email in appended meta trader 4 file. It is also requested to convert it to Amibroker AFL //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Xma.mq4 |...
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    Nifty and MCX data on MT4

    Dear Friends, I found BFD Traders on w w w . bfddevelopers . com This MT4 platform provides all MCX and NSE real time data.
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    Conversion of MT4 script to Amibroker AFL

    Dear Friends, I request the programming experts to convert the following MT4 script to Amibroker AFL. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| TrendMagic.mq4 | //| Tidied...
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    Crude and Natural Gas Inventory

    Dear Friends, On every Wednesday and Thursday, inventory for Crude and Nature Gas declared at 8.00 pm. I want to know that from where one can get inventory data at 8.00 pm immediately when it is declared.
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    Help needed for exploration

    Dear Friends, I am using some AFLs for intraday trading. These AFLs give by sell signals on intraday chart for 5Min or 15Min intervals. When I run exploration, it gives results only for Day Closing (EOD) basis. I set intraday setting for 1Min interval, exchange time as 9.00 to 3.30. Also...
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    Anybody can share this exploration fomula

    Please share this exploration formula as I could not download it from original site as there is condition to submit atleast one formula, which can not do like me newbie.
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    Help needed for coding Intraday script for Amibroker

    I tried to make a intraday traing system which plots buy and sell signal and contains exploration too. But I could not generate proper signal in exploration window within a time frame of 5 minute, 15 minute and 60 minute. Experts are requested to suggest proper coding. Keep proper stoploss...
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    stoch afl

    Dear Friends, The appended chart is prepared by ChartNexus software. I found that stoch chart placed below main chart may be useful. If somebody has the AFL, please share so that the same me used Amibroker.
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    Experts,please modify this AFL

    I found this AFL from This shows buy-sell signal alongwith trailing stop loss and profit target, but SLTP and profit target fields remain empty. I do not know programming. Any expert, please modify/correct it so as to...
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    Anybody has this AFL

    I found this picture on internet. This looks much useful. If anyone has this, please share.