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  1. narayan78

    Boost your skills / trades :)

    This thread is dedicated to the peoples who want to improve their skiills /trading. (this includes me ) Sometimes Learning alternative ways can serve/boost the main(trading) purpose. like jackie chan teaching kunfu in alternative way. LINK MIND MAPPING :) A Mind Map is a...
  2. narayan78

    some files/info to share ----- not related to trading

    Hi brothers :) , Like to share few files,articles,info --- DENGUE Fever presentation found here ppt presentation compiled into pdf (Tamil and English) LINK
  3. narayan78

    some common PC problems and solutions

    hi everybody :) , I like to post some common PC problems and solutions which computer users may face time to time (basic problems only :) ) hope it will be useful to the some of the users. note :- sometimes I will be posting some preventive measures also. with cheers, narayan.
  4. narayan78

    problem in trading terminal

    anybody face terminal freeze in Power Inda Bulls terminal around 2pm. I am using ver how about the updated one 5.3 with cheers, narayan
  5. narayan78

    Any discount brokers in chennai

    Hi Everybody, Is there any discount brokers in chennai. apart from RKGlobal in ------ mylapore-chennai. with cheers, narayan.
  6. narayan78

    some facts! INDIA

    hi traders, just posting some facts! Q. Who is the GM of Hewlett Packard (hp) ? A. Rajiv Gupta Q. Who is the creator of Pentium chip (needs no introduction as 90% of the today's computers run on it)? A. Vinod Dahm Q. Who is the third richest man on the world? A. According to...
  7. narayan78

    Mumbai Blast Help Line # 022-22005388

    Dear Mumbaikars, Please help the victims, help your freinds, neighbours, help humanity please help stranded passengers offer them tea water biscuit come on mumbaikar we are proud of you..!!! Mumbai Helpline Number: 022-22005388 ~~Please pass this to all~~
  8. narayan78

    World Markets & Indian Standard Time

    Hi Everybody, since there is impact of other asian,europe and american markets with indian market. if anybody can list most important markets and starting & closing time of those markets in indian time.It will be very useful. thank u, narayan.
  9. narayan78

    Tick Chart Interpreting!

    hi seniors and juniors, Initially when I used to trade I don't know where market is heading. but, now for the past 2 days i started to watch nifty intraday chart. WHEN THERE IS UPPER TOP AND UPPER BOTTOM NIFTY RAISING AND LOWER TOP AND LOWER BOTTOM NIFTY IS SLIDING. I...
  10. narayan78

    need help in option(fno)!

    hi there pls help me i am new to option just few questions. buying option expires as the contract closes. 1. can i sell call option ? when will the contract will expire for selling call option.:confused: nifty call option is that compulsory that i have to wait till the expirty...