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  1. baburam81

    MultiTime Frame Stock Screener that can Screen for Bollinger Band levels ?

    I want to know when the Price is below the Bollinger Bottom Band on 15 min, 30 min and 1hr at the same time ? Any software that can do this ?
  2. baburam81

    Which brokers giving Cover Orders, for options trading ?

    Which brokers giving Cover Orders, for Nifty options trading ?
  3. baburam81

    Amibroker FnO Equity Intraday data less than 250 p.m ?

    Anybody providing this for Amibroker ?
  4. baburam81

    Which SIZE monitor good for daytrading ?

    Does daytrading on a television 40" screen connected to laptop good for chart reading ?
  5. baburam81

    Anybody here using optionaction Software ?

    Any users can share their experience on the optionaction Analysis Software ?
  6. baburam81

    Which brokers giving Cover Orders, with LIMIT Price ?

    Any brokers in India, having Limit Cover Order facility ?
  7. baburam81

    Opening Range Breakout, 15min, 30min, 1hr ?

    For daytrading in India , which time frame is best for Trading Opening Range Breakouts ?
  8. baburam81

    How to get IPO allotment for SURE ?

    Any insider secrets ?
  9. baburam81

    Why are Companies charging 15k, 20k, 50k for Stock Screeners when its free ?

    Why are Indian companies charging 15,000 to 50,000 for Stock Screeners, when they are available for Free with some Stock brokers ?
  10. baburam81

    Tradescript Custom Coding Service ?

    Any Programmers here who can custom code Tradescript for Zerodha Pi ?
  11. baburam81

    How to get NSE LEVEL 1, 20 BID / ASK in India ?

    Anybody know how to get access to Level 1, 20 bid / ask order-book in India for retail trading ?
  12. baburam81

    How to Stop JUNK Buy this Buy that SMS ?

    Getting too many JUNK messages by sms. No sender number, only names. How to STOP these kind of messages . Any idea ?