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  1. mayeight

    Raging Bulls Dealing Diary

    I will start posting my trades here, as of now they will be live trades on small quantities. I will also share strategies i have learned till now. All members are welcome for suggestions and healthy criticism. Decision Support Tools/Infrastructure EMA 5 EMA 20 CCI5 & CCI20 ATR5 & ATR20...
  2. mayeight

    Trade Desk Setup

    What things are essential to keep in mind while setting up a trade desk ? Can experienced traders share their trade desks configurations ? How much budget is needed for having a proper professional trade desk ? What would configrations be for the following budgets:- INR 25000 INR 5000 INR...
  3. mayeight

    How do professional trading firm train their traders ?

    I am a absolute beginner & i want to learn how to daytrade. I wanted to ask few questions first. How do professional firms train their nifty/equity cash day traders ? What would a professional trader teach his/her kid in context of day trading successfully ? What all things should i learn...