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    crudeoil intraday calls

    17-november -2017 november contract
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    MCX Copper trading

    This thread us going to be specially for copper trading. today copper us in buy mode. buy copper april contract at cmp 398.10 sl 394. it is not intraday. its normal trade.hold till exit given
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    Intraday calls

    hi traders, Im starting this thread to share my calls with you.i hope this wil help you. This is purely for intraday.. i not recommend any one to follow this calls without proper analysis.
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    intraday calls

    i have created a new formula for intraday trading..ill post my calls in this thread.
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    What you do in week ends?

    hi traders, Im a day trader. traders here share what you do week ends when we dont have market...
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    Intraday calls..(high risk)

    i start this thread to post the intraday signals which i get from the excell sheet which i developed for my intraday trading..its is of high just sharing my signals...u can follow it in your own risk... stock market contains both loss and profit...
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    intraday call

    this is how my views will look like on 21-02-2011 zinc mini trades between 113.715 and 114.285 then buy above 114.285 with targets TG1 = 114.70452 ,TG2= 115.14 ,TG3= 115.84452 with stop loss = 113.850717 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; sell below 113.715 with targets TG1 = 113.29548 , TG2 = 112.86...
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    Geogit new platform

    I opened a trading account with geogit..They provide FLIP as the trading platform...I find more features in FLIP compared to ODIN..only thing we cant do in flip is add indicators to the chart..indicators can be added only in seperate window..indicators cant be added directly to the chart...
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    intraday view..its my view..not calls

    hi this thread wil contain my intraday view on equities..I dont compel you to follow my signals but if u feel my signals are correct u can either trade with my signal or watch the script price.. I will try my best to post daily..Im not a technical expert..:)
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    Stop paying lot to learn about trading.....

    hi, stop paying lot of your money to learn about trading..those things which they teach are already available all over the internet for free.. so spend ur time researching the market and trading techniques in internet yourself. you will get experience and satisfaction. happy...
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    hi all

    im new to trading and tj. i wish to become an active member in this forum. i search lot about trading and i found many people collect fee to teach the basic things of trading which are already available in internet for free. so i here wish to post the news and informations i collect from...