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  1. Vmaster369

    what is your advice for a beginner?

    No plan works Trading is like you entering lake of blind crocodile . it cannt see you but when u splash he will come after you and start hunting you. 1month profit 2month profit in trading on 3rd day u will loose it all..... thats hard truth of trading. 99.99999999% loose in trading...
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    Kids ... No one got rich playing option STAY away from option .. see video you will learn
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    Ain;t broken Nothing to Fix Finvasia Tried to Fix Nest that was never borken and FORCED Broke as$ Shoonya on everybody and see how ppls are praising Shoonya lol Now a days after nse introduced new margins All broker lost interest in gaining new customer lol Fyers long gone from...
  4. Vmaster369

    Great Discount Offers for Indian Traders

    if you retail investor stay away from auto trading . auto tradingis for ppls that have mafat ka money like banks and institutions
  5. Vmaster369

    Bank rally justified?

    now banks are themself only buying themself and squeezing shortsellers . Todays mehtas are bank itself ******************************************** :xD Mehta na Raj ma market majama lol no one was interested in buying hdfc bank at 900 lol now every one wants even at 1400
  6. Vmaster369

    Karvy Stock Broking Account Closure Issue

    do let me know steps did u had any money in trading account ? was it locked ? or you only had shares watch this video this might help
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    Lagy and heavy on system .. pressing f3 key then press alt+f6 and then press atlt +L super laggt shoonya Finvasia need to make a lite version of desktop exe of shoonya thats less then 20 mb Reports and fundamental analysist is not needed while we trade Thats added feature makes...
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    Karvy mess

    for zerodha only ? yes ? what about other brokers ? my idea is implement that for every broker
  9. Vmaster369

    Karvy mess Actually sebi should introduce switch POA ON/ OFF you press switch otp gets...
  10. Vmaster369

    Harshad Mehta 1992 Scam Story Witness Story

    Another example of Mehta story alike is this share poor fundamental no one wanted for R.s 150 lol now 1200 price Look at graph and look at fundamental who are idiots putting 1 lakhs crores in corona period in this Faltu share...
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    curiousv Buying is never issue . You can buy without POA it will go in your demate . ISSUE come in selling . When you sell a shares broker needs to debit shares from your account that reason they need limited POA . If u fail to submit eDIS share goes in auction it;s best to give...
  12. Vmaster369

    Reliance: The next decade

    i recall words Dhiru bhai reliance kitne main liya R.s 1 main tum ne Reliance kitne main liya 1600 - 2400 God only save you ^^ yeah may be reliance if they improve in 5 G and stops giving throlled speed may be then profit will rise. BUT again there dream of becoming monopoly...
  13. Vmaster369

    Harshad Mehta 1992 Scam Story Witness Story

    Sl don;t work when scripts hit Up freeze and even if it would have worked then price would be close to freeze price 1.Moral of story is Don;t short sell become value investor . 2.Don;t go short on company that is New Scripts invest in good company for 3-5 yrs and double...
  14. Vmaster369

    Kotak securities --introduced 20rs/order Super Multiple are (Cover Order) So nothing interesting In case a position is liquidated by the RMS, additional brokerage of ` 50 per executed order will be charged over and above the brokerage rate. lol in these day only...
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    My biggest issue is i want Nest + shoonya both enabled and wanting to use both Can you help ? Evil smile haha I am stick with Finvasia for delivery and CNC order Question Finvasia Question 1 Suppose account have 0 balance and shares are already there in demate . If i sell...
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    Help pls- which is the best ami feed provider

    they say Best things in life are always free ^^ Truedata globaldata feed amifeeder and excel 2 ami hehe are best google all 3 above
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    Harshad Mehta 1992 Scam Story Witness Story

    Another true story ia m tell ya I bought Route mobile EQ at 940 next day it was 900 and for 1 week it stayed below 940... after 1 week it got 970 i sold delivery shares and then went double qty short in intraday at 970. share price came down 963 i bought back all...
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    Long-term and Short-term Setups

    After loosing Lakhs of R.s in market 1 thing it has taught me If you want to make money Buy Quaity stock and Sit on it for 10 20 yrs then Real wealth is made Famous Trader said " It was Never my Trading that made me Rich ,It was always my Sitting on it " Even buffet...
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    ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan

    Professional Clearing Member Fee (PCM Fee or Clearing Transaction Charges) "only one to provide without PCM Fee." o_O Finvaisa Zerodha there is no clearing charge and not even monthly charge ^.^
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    YES POSSIBLE YOU NEED POA only if u need to trade in Eq Equity Hell u don;t even need demate account if u want only F&0 for saata F&0 u don;t need POA This so called gift Shoonya Failed today at 3:11 pm and one couln;t connect today just saying .. 504 error on html too...