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    Failed Trader starting again.

    Hi everybody, I am back. I used to trade for a brief time and lost all my money. Initially i was cautious and made good money but later on began doing lots of bullshit thinking, got arrogant, my gambling instinct was in high gear, and basically i was doing everything i shouldnt. i put more...
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    My trading diary

    Hi friends, I am a trader who had lost heavily in the equity markets and now have entered into commodities. I would like to get valuable suggestions from the seniors. I have studied it in depth and papertraded also because i do not want to make the same mistakes of arrogance, greed...
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    Downloaded amibroker, need help getting started

    hello friends, I would like your help in getting started with amibroker. i downloaded the free version but know how to work with it. the help in amibroker is not very helpful. Would appreciate any help. :confused:
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    Hi to all

    hello brothers and sisters, u got a new member who is into the stock market.