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  1. vagar11

    Anyone trading crypto here

    I am trading with a small amount for fun. You can ask me if you have some query like best sites in india etc
  2. vagar11

    Have you backtested the strategy that you are trading with

    You can mention the number of months for which you have backtested.
  3. vagar11

    Full/part time traders from hyderabad

    Full/part time traders from hyderabad who would be interested for a meetup in hyderabad.
  4. vagar11

    Guess Nifty Mar 2017

    Guess Nifty Mar 2017
  5. vagar11

    Guess the Nifty Feb 2017

    Guess the Nifty Feb 2017.
  6. vagar11

    Guess the Nifty Jan 2017

    Happy New year !! Made it public this time.
  7. vagar11

    What is the worst one day loss you ever had?

    What is the worst one day loss you ever had or How much % of your account ? Where do you think you went wrong?
  8. vagar11

    52 wk high

  9. vagar11


    As, thread started by Amit sir has been closed. I am starting this thread to post breakouts.
  10. vagar11

    Is anyone using NR7 for trading?

    Is anyone using NR7 for trading?
  11. vagar11

    Guess the Nifty

    Guess where the nifty is going to end up today and on expiry. It is a pure fun game. No logic. But, you can post login if u want. Reward : You might get some likes. :clap::clap:
  12. vagar11

    Stocks with good growth and low P/E

    Stocks with good growth and low P/E Name, 5 yr growth, P/E
  13. vagar11

    Does anyone have 1min data for crude/Gold/silver for the last 6 months or more?

    Does anyone have 1min data for crude/Gold/silver for the last 6 months or more?
  14. vagar11

    How can I get data in csv from nse?

    I am using python to download data. I want to download the data from this url. But, that involves a lot of clicks. I have one url that gives me data...
  15. vagar11

    Reference Material

    By Avny Breakout Pullback and Breakout Failure. One set up failed and entry created for 2nd setup My strategy for intraday trade I am by nature an intraday trader,though i trade positional also,but my heart...
  16. vagar11

    Share your view on ceramic companies

    In some of the ceramic companies in the last few days, there has been a lot of correction. From a fundamental perspective, what is ur view on these stocks ? Kajaria Cera didn't take that much fall.
  17. vagar11

    Nifty Analysis

    Data Tested from 2-Aug-2010 to 29 July 2016. Is gap up a good buying opportunity? Among the tested 1503 trading days, Nifty gapped up 761 times. The total of close-open comes out -26454 points on those 761. It's not a good decision to buy on gap up, we should look for short opportunity...
  18. vagar11

    Premium Decay in nifty

    The graphs are plotted using 30 min data. Nifty Oct 30 min chart. For 8600 Strike Price of Nifty CE+ PE For 8700 CE+PE For 8500 PE+CE
  19. vagar11

    Trading diary of a guy - Anonymous

    I am not the guy in this post and I am just sharing this. His trading journey is just amazing. It's a long post but I read it and it's really thrilling. PART I Whatever I'll share here, It will be my point of view. It was a story of a trader and his journey towards finding the real truth...
  20. vagar11

    Behavioral Biases in markets

    Bias 1: Overconfidence Many novice investors get lucky: The first few stocks they pick do extremely well. Unfortunately, they start believing in themselves. They think they have a magic touch; or worse, they think they are smarter than everyone else. This often leads to disaster…...