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    Amibroker to Nest (autoit Script tool)

    updated link for code. now supports both buy and sell.
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    Amibroker to Nest (autoit Script tool)

    Hello, i have created this simple script to send orders from amibroker to nest trader
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    Total ask bid data from NestRTD Amifeeder

    Hello, would it be possible to import "total ask/bid qty data from NestRTD to amibroker i have tried to change the settings for this scrip like this Scrip1=nse_fo|NIFTY19JANFUT;NIFTY19JANFUT;LTP;LTT;Volume Traded Today;Open Interest;Total Ask Qty;Total Bid Qty however the console doesn't...
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    AFL for take profit

    Hello, I want to define takeprofit and stoploss in points. i can't use ApplyStop function as i am using bridge to send orders to nest. takeprofit = Ref(BuyPrice,0) + 10 ; Sell = takeprofit; how can i refer to price directly and add or subtract its value ? Thanks
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    Anyone used Robo . Their views about the service provider.

    Have used their service. They provide Virtual Server on which you can keep your strategy running 24/7 They have their own bridge software (amigo ) for amibroker to nest (not very stable ) you will also get a sample AFL strategy which uses "neural network" :rolleyes: if you want to run your own...
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Yes, i already went through all that but no luck. @traderniftybank If you can't help then shut up. Don't show your foolishness by making dumb comments.
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Hey, I don't want to sound like an idiot, But i have gone through many posts on this forums as well as youtube videos but all of them seem to be outdated, Most of the posts are just vague and are creating more confusion. i would be glad if someone gives a short description on how configure RTD...
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    Data feed on MT4/Ninja Trader

    Hi, I saw the josh1's post which provides free real time data to amibroker, But since i don't have an account with broker yet, its not possible for me to get the live data feeds. i was wondering if there's anyway to get live data feeds in MT4 or Ninja trader for free ? PS: If the above...
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    Nest Trader Automated Trading - Help with Scripting

    Hello, I need some help with scripting for nest plus, Is there a list of all syntax used for indicators (eg SOPK/SOPD is used for stochastic ) also is it possible to import current market price ? Thanks