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  1. Adoradred

    intraday market

    This is a good way to trade but only if you are an expert trader or you want to get there. That is because there are so many risks involved. That is why it is not recommendable for beginnenrs or the barely experienced. If you think that you can handle it then go ahead. If you notce that things...
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    Exactly ;) The only problem, there is another variable there, which is the max allowed daily risk. I assumed it can be ignored, but in fact depending on your trading system, that can be the most crucia; element to consider for your decision.
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    Hello to all my fellow traders and investors!

    Hello to you too! It's great that you realize your mistakes and try to fix them, it's a good approach to trading. I think this forum is perfect for you to make new contacts and gain some experience in trading field. I think you're gonna make it, you're on the right track. Good luck to you)
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    LMI prop - account types review. Opinions wanted.

    I can think of dividing the max trailing drawdown by the profit target. This way you will get the proportion of allowed risk to required profit. The bigger is the %, the better.
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    My views and Requests to all traders

    It all depends on the question and the problem. Sometimes traders ask specific questions that relate to a specific indicator or strategy, or even a specific order. And sometimes we discuss some general topics here. And this is normal. This is a forum and traders have gathered here to communicate...
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Yes it will and it alreadyhas. If you take a look at the world right now you will realise that the global market is not as it used to be. We may be trading at home but there are peoople out there that need to make sure this happens. If they are affected then we are affected The effect can...
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    It is no lie that the stock market is really growing. The number of traders have grown significantly and this is one of the reasons why. Being a long time trader I think the future is very bright. It was not so long a go that I would not have ever thought that I would be in this line of work. I...
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    where to learn??

    First of all, these are forums, but it is not strange that here you can find answers to most questions that interest you. Also, I advise to search in YouTube training channels, now there are a lot of them, and you can extract a lot of useful information from them. The primary training method is...
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    Delivery or Futures

    I think that everything in trading is risky. Whatever you do on the market, there's a chance you'll lose money. But there is even less chance that we will increase our investment, so we continue to trade at Forex. The main thing is risk management and then maybe the forex market will not be so...
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    Hi! The previous commentator wrote some very good advice here. In fact, there are a lot of scammers online right now, so be careful. Check your broker for the regulator and registration - it is mandatory. Only after this check you can look at the broker's trading conditions and decide whether it...
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    Hi! I know that many traders dream of making trading their main job. It must be cool to achieve something that many people only dream about. And it's also cool that you joined our small community, welcome!))
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    Stocks for Long term investments Ideas

    When choosing options for a long-term investment, use parameters such as: -Price/Book (P/B) - the ratio of the market value of shares to the current net asset value, less all costs in immediate liquidation. -Price/Earnings (P/E) - the ratio of the market value of a share to annual earnings per...
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    You Can’t Be Too Big To Fail

    Haha :) It's always funny to find people who answer to old posts and all like:"Here, in modern reality, your concept doesn't fit bla bla...". Well, you know what I mean)) I think the previous commentator didn't even realize how funny his answer was.
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    Hello from an ex software engineer

    The most important thing is for you to do what you love, because it will always be the best motivation for you. And do not be afraid of difficulties, of course they will happen sometimes, but you will cope with it if you do not get upset and continue to work on yourself fully.
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    which stocks are safe and gives highest return for investment?

    It seems to me that now you can pay attention to the stocks of large American companies, despite the ambiguous situation in the U.S., they are well held in the market. And the stocks of European automobile concerns are also almost always stable and grow well on the eve of major presentations.
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    Ego, emotion and trading.

    There's no point in being afraid of emotions, it's part of every person's thinking. The main thing is to be flexible and change your emotional state quickly. Many traders do not change it and if they have decided something, they refuse to look further and admit their mistake. This is the most...
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    It's always interesting for me to watch as newcomers start to get to know the market and adapt here. In fact, the market is a complex structure and it will take some time to act freely here. But if you love this business, it will be the best source of income you can imagine.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome. In fact, in this form you will be able to find answers to many questions, there are people who are not just engaged in trading, but also love this business. And to make you feel more comfortable, I will recommend you to study the basic fundamentals of the market, so that you can then...
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    How to improve my trading

    I think that best way to improve anything (not only trading) is to control every action. I know from sport that to achieve a good result you should to make a diary and write not only figures about your trainings, but also write your own comments. I think it's the same with trading. Just create a...
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    How to start trading

    You need to think about something else, it is important for you to focus on specific assets and strategies that suit you, and when you are going to trade it does not matter that much.