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    What are the mistakes that new traders do while trading?

    I use RSI momentum based signals to catch bounces use it on liquid pairs and BTCUSD with Hotforex, works good, but ranging markets eat profits. I think at least basic understanding of how to determine general trend could improve my winning ratio.
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    Bitcoin trading

    Have you tried this one? looks like that it's free I used it for 3 months, 9% return with 5% max drawdow, guess I was overly conservative.
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    Learning from zero

    Why did you choose this broker? There are many brokers which are better and more reliable such as Tickmill, IB, Hotforex
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    How to select an online broker for me?

    Nice suggestions but for currency trading I would recommend online foreign brokers which offer CFD trading. It's much cheaper also you don't need to pay taxes. Like if I want to get access and trading such currencies as EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, AUD I use Hotforex platform. In/out operations is a bit...
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    VPS (colocation) is the only option if you want solid competitive performance. There are no cheap or free alternatives if you want to set up serious traders. It needs investments.
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    Supply and Demand Strategy

    General pricinple - strong move on low volume indicate imminent reversal. I don't know other methods how you can reliable determine supply or demand in the market since they don't show complete picture. There are orders which are not shown in the order book.
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    New to Forex

    There are better brokers such as Tickmill, Hotforex which are licensed by reputable and trusted watchdog, why to choose unreliable brokers which are known for cheating??
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    Does Scalping Require Attention?

    Scalping requires a lot of attention personally I think that manual scalping is dangerous and should be automated.
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    Can accuracy be increased in algo trading from 40%?

    Yeah and it relies on price data a lot while investment strategies process fundamental data which help you to foresee possible shifts in supply and demand and hence predict price movements.
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    Anatomy of a Momentum Strategy

    Stock (and especially currency pair) prices generally have no memory. Read what is Markov property of time series. All momentum that is observed in prices happens in very short periods of time (1-3 sec) where slippage will on average eat your profit.
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    Forex trading

    Buy low sell high or sell high and buy low. You can make profit from these trades because currency pairs fluctuate up and down. Their volatility is high than in stocks so you can make more profit if you use leverage. But I use 1:50 with Hotforex because I prefer conservative style of risk...
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    Training on MetaTrader 4 & 5 terminals

    For me it might be interesting to learn more about backtesting capabilities of MT4/MT5. Where do we get quality quotes, how do we set backtesting parameters, interpret results, optimise parameters if needed etc. I tried to make some backtesting on my Hotforex platform but I feel lack of...
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    How To Start Making Money with Forex as a New Beginner

    I think you should start little-by-little, keeping risk managed by use of tight stop loss and lowered position size. It is much easier to tolerate a series of small loss rather than big one because the former is less unexpected, you gradually arrive to the result so it's easier to adapt.
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Introduction of such methods are governed by the principle - if something doesn't harm then we can approve it. In many cases sanctioned use of something doesn't necessarily lead to positive effects.
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    Regulation of Cryptocurrency

    Crypto currencies are doomed, the latest attack on crypto world is the FCA ban of crypto derivatives. Without possible extreme returns crypto will quickly lose its charm I guess. But I still occasionally trade BTCUSD with Hotforex using simple ATR-based technique
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    Could Corona Virus lead to a never before crash?

    Based on the fast and complete market rebound the worst is behind us and we are quickly recovering. Even in case of failure to develop and distribute vaccine in 2021 the world will be able to live and work with partial lockdowns and local outbreaks as China or South Korea examples show.
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    Is Forex less risky then share business

    Forex becomes gambling when a traders opts for high or full leverage like 1:200, 1:500. He becomes unable to cope with high volatility and tolerate drawdowns and long and deep countertrends as loss relative to trading capital becomes unacceptable. Also many traders are completely unprepared to...
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    Hotforex forex broker - any feedback?

    Are you engaged in manual scalping or use trading software which automates actions?
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    How to select an online broker for me?

    Unfortunately most of the valuable information about a broker hides in direct trading experience - you have to open, close orders, trade during volatility to see how broker handles various events. It's hard to estimate reliability using indirect signs of trust - regulation, good trading...
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    Forex on weekends

    What do you mean? Trading on weekends is generally not available since the markets are closed. You can cryptocurrencies and binary options though but serious traders tend to avoid them. Moreover liquidity is lower on weekends so you risk to get burned by wild unpredictable moves especially on...