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    OFA Indicators

    Hi Forums Please any 1 could provide me with GOMI Metro indicators and its associated templates file. I lost it due to crash in hard disk. Thanking in advance
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    Divinend cheque in closed Banking Account

    Hi got a dividend cheque tied with an earlier bank account, which is closed now. New account in not being reflected in the cheque. What to do in this case to get the dividend amount in the new savings account?
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    NSE Index Futures 1 min IEOD Data

    Hello requesting NF and BNF 1 min IEOD Data for 11th, 12, 13th January 2017. { if possible the 1 sec data will be much appreciated} Please provide the data in ascii format. rgds
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    NSE Futures and Options EOD Data

    Hello Uploading the NSE Futures and Options EOD data from Jan 2016 to May 2016 in csv format. All are zipped in rar and contains the full month's data. Source : NSE Amibroker format file for import # Format definition file generated automatically # by AmiBroker's ASCII Import Wizard $FORMAT...
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    System based on TEMA slope

    System based on slope of tema suitable for intraday (tf - 1 min and above) 1. Green up arrow - fresh buy signal, golden hollow down arrow - sell signal for the buy. 2. Red down arrow - fresh short signal , aqua hollow up arrow - cover signal for the short. 3. stop loss - default is 0.5%...
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    explain the code part

    Hello need following explanation urgently: 1. Find SLOPE A of 30TEMA in % change of TEMA value from open of CURRENT candle to the present value of TEMA Is a slope in Degrees? No. Why. it cannot be in degrees because degrees change with the zoom level in AMI. The simplest way to express it...
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    1-2-3 Chart Pattern

    The 123 chart pattern. The 123 pattern is a reversal chart pattern which occurs very frequently and has a very high success ratio. 123s occur at the end of trends and swings, and they are an indication of a change in trend. They can also be found within a trading range, and they take place...
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    1-2-3 Chart Pattern

    Moderator duplicate post please delete this particular post and thread rgds subroto
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    Ami Database - sector classification

    Hello required info/resources in classifying or rearranging the amibroker database according to NSE classification. either afl or jscript/vbscript for classyfing the ami database according to NSE sector/industry definition. any 1 have this resource/info? rgds subroto
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    ami database and and its size

    Hello do we really need tick data for ami? can we save the huge volume tick data of the scrips we track? or we go on periodically pruning the database to keep it small. GDFL has stated the difficulties of the saving/accessing the tick data- so they provide data in 1 sec but saved in 1 min...
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    Help in Backtesting

    Hello i find difficulties in backtesting. when i do it all the values returned is zero and no meaningful analysis could be done out of zero. cud u pls help me in doing backtest. the buy sell logic which i want to test may be whatever, but for example i am posting an afl which is now...
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    IEOD data

    Guys can i have the ieod data in 1 min tf for the following from 3/7/2012 to 6/7/2012 1. nifty fut -jul exp 2. bank nifty jul expiry for commodities 1.crude oil 2. gold 3.silver 4. natural gas 5. copper mini (for commodities the current expiry) can u pls provide me in ascii or...
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    Nirvana - The Discussion

    Here we will discuss and dissect the Nirvana. No particular set of rules will be there. Whatever comes to your mind, just spill it. Now at least every one have little or more idea about this system. also lot of guys are following it. So what are the feedback of this system? what is to be...
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    Best timing for trade

    Hi forum members specially the commodity traders. Can you tell what is the best time for trading the base metals pack? noon (from 11.30 to 5 PM) 2. in the evening (from (6-6.30 to till the end) regards sr114
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    NSE Cash Market data from inception

    Uploading NSE Cash Market data from inception to 15th July 2011. Most of the data are split and bonus adjusted. Data are in Metastock format. Scrips having close less than or equal to Rs. 20 have been excluded (with some exception.) Daily updation done thru Hemen's getbhavcopy. Hope...
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    Combining two distinct afls

    How can we combine two distinct afls? Ex - afl of ema crossovers with that afl of macd/bb/adx/rsi/stoch? The problem creeps when we combine the two afls, the main images get blurred or just a line is displayed which has no meaning to us.Is there any way to combine these two afls? ( may be...
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    MCX Data from Inception

    Freinds uploading the mcx eod data in ascii and metastock format for use. metastock format - ascii format - thanx
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    gbc new rel

    hello forum, hemen of getbhavcopy had released new version of getbhavcopy(ver2.1.2a). it had solved the problem of indices downloading. thanx to hemen regards
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    diet odin to ab

    forum members, is there any way or utility to fetch mcx / ncdex data from diet odin to amibroker? waiting for the reply regards SR14
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    wipro eod data

    forum members can any body give me the eod of wipro of 14th june 2010 (split adjusted). mine's wipro data of that day is corrupted. thanx in advance