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    Kotak securities --introduced 20rs/order

    I Heared one of trading guy in kotak, he said backend charges like turnover,sebi,STT is high compared actual,so that they adjusted his brokerage in back-way.. if you have any contract note pls post here, will see how they do it? Happy trading.
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    Need for custom development to trade signals in Excel.

    already people selling this type of " EXCEL TO NEST/NOW &ODIN " is there..please search and find yourself in google. Happy trading.
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    Kotak securities --introduced 20rs/order

    what about their Trading platform..? Chart and Data Extraction Possibility,Excel feed..? Happy Trading.
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    Kotak securities --introduced 20rs/order

    Kotak securities said to press news, introduced 20rs /order for intraday traders and more optimized plans are in... Any Tradrs in Kotak? discuss/Feedback about Kotak.. Happy trading.
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    Is Inditraders permanently closed? Or scheduled up-gradation?

    now permanently inditraders closed?!! past 1 month more site not live..
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    64bit not check..sorry to ..
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    JUST REINSTALL V1.60 Again ,willwork,i faced same after reinstalled works well ,note josh provided the link of visualc.. it should be install Thanks&Happy trading
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    Amibroker to Nest (autoit Script tool)

    any new updation with this utility...!! Happy trading.
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    Discount Broker Comparison

    As per SEBI circular beyond AUG 2021 we can't able to get intraday Traditional Broking firms should change the court.. then brokerage structure also revised big up/down.. Happy trading
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    working well.. happy trading.
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    Excel Plugin for Nse Bhavcopy, Delivery report & Option Chain Downloader

    good to seem the utility but missing mcx eod bhavcopy/text file... if its possible pls add it in this package. Happy trading
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    Ego, emotion and trading.

    not sometime, always ...
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    Zerodha Genuine Review

    Zerodha sent a mail to all client: we are making the following changes starting 19th March 2020: We are increasing the RMS square-off charge and Call-and-Trade charge to Rs 50/executed order. You can avoid paying this charge by squaring off your intraday positions yourself. The Call & Trade...
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    Is it possible to earn a crore in share market

    one of our well known member invest 15 lakhs in "put option -buy" from April-2019 to till now (his assumption market fall in 2019) , today it was achieved 1.20 crore but position still open... So the chances are open to all.. how you do it.. That's the secret .. Note: the above Manish...
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    now mediafire blocked file, so rename the sw and update again.. Happy trading
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    Indicator trading

    indicator with money management is works well at any time but it depends how to use indicator...!! Happy Trading.
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    Real Time Data Now / Nest Trader to Amibroker, Fcharts

    Please reupload that sw, above link not work.. Happy Trading
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    Excel EOD Bhav Copy Downloader for Equity,Index,Future & Option (NseEIFO)

    url changed from www to www1, so try to change in macro.. will work..!! Happy Trading.