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    Intraday call for every day

    Hi Tejas, Can u pls tell me whether i should buy the stocks u mentioned in BSE or NSE?
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    Intraday call for every day

    Thanks Tejas... will try this tomorrow and will let u know the result...
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    Intraday charts with buy&sell signals

    Hi, any calls for 22-Sep-08??
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    Intraday call for every day

    Hi Tejas, any calls for 22-Sep-08??
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    Low Option Brokerage

    Hi I trade with sbi,,,, It is charging 0.15% for intraday and 0.5% for long term
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    Breaking News & Stocks

    Ya i agree the fact tht i am one among greedies. Every one who stepped in to stock market is GREED... Thanks for ur suggestion,,,, ill b waiting to buy at ur call (3800 to 4000) Also following Nifty feature trading thread... Once again thnx
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    Breaking News & Stocks

    Hei praveen... thts okay man,,, cheers india... Do u have any idea on market for next week... Cos in last week the market went low for 3 days and recovered for the last two days... wt do u think will be the trend for the coming week... Any stocks in ur idea which can give some profits for...
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    Option Buy Recomendations

    Hi ghosh, Thanks for the quick response, So u mean to say that jus keep an eye on market until it settles down and till then no trading...
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    I prefer sbicap sec bcos i liked the offer of sbi for intraday trading..... If i invest 1000 then i can trade up to 5000 but only for intraday...
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    Weekly roundup

    Hiiiii tht seems to be a great work... u must be very patient to do all tht study on stocks.... y dont u predict for the coming week also so tht this thread will have more entries... It was jus a suggestion...
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    Breaking News & Stocks

    Ya bro i agree with ur point regarding "no one cares wt ever happens", I feel tht no one should be concerned also bcos its v who r coming here n investing in stocks, no one asked us to do it, i disagree with the point "IT HAPPENS INLY IN INDIA" bcos stocks are all around the world, its not...
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    This works for me - Seniors please advice if I am right

    Hi Rajendrarani, I am also new to trading jus like you ... I am alswo very much interested in day trading where i believe ine can earn little profits with out actually loosing big money. Your excel sheet is too good, ill try to follow the method which u did. Can u please upload the new excel...
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    Breaking News & Stocks

    Ha ha,,, rumours??? :confused: funny... Any ways thanks for the quick reply
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    Option Buy Recomendations

    Dear ghosh, What is ur call on stocks for the next week? Which stocks would give profits for intraday (keeping in mind tht last week of september is the close of quarterly 2), is it the right time to invest or shall i wait till octber starts i.e., quarter 3 starts. I like to trade on short...
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    Breaking News & Stocks

    Hi, I have been following ur thread frm the last few days.. I have following two queries: 1) I have seen the quote for PNB, does it mean tht this stock will increase in near future? 2) Does the PM's speech gives us a signal to invest in stocks related to energy? Looking fwd for ur...
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    New to share market

    Hi all, I am new to trading, I would like to invest at around 20,000 INR in shares, can any one please suggest me whether this is the right time to invest in shares? Looking forward for your replies, Thanks in advance, kalyan