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    Commodity broker which provides leverage?

    hi guys, i am currently trading with RK Global. Their brokerage is very cheap. But they dont provide margin for trading in nse futures & mcx commodity future. Can anyone please tell me a good commodity broker which provides margin & has low brokerage. Thnx
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    Commodities trading office/group in Mumbai

    hi everybuddy, I am a full time commodities & equity trader from Mumbai. I am currently working from home, hence not able to trade to my full capacity. Is there any commodities trading group or office in Mumbai, where I can work with my fellow traders & share ideas. Thnx
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    Magnum Broking

    hey, anyone has experience of trading wit this Magnum broking. Please reply.
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    Total Securities

    Hi, I want to know abt this firm Total Securities. Are they into brokerage services or just Jobbing/Arbitrague. Does anyone have their contact details. If yes please PM me. thanks.
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    Unfortunate news for Indian forex traders.

    Dear traders, I came across some unfortunate news for myself & fellow forex traders. I just read the updated version of Liberalised Remittance Scheme from RBI website. Its clearly mentioned that forex trading is not permitted. See Part A-Q.3-...
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    Taxation in commodity trading

    hi everybuddy, i am soon gonna start trading commodities in mcx & ncdex. mostly intraday trades. can anyone please tell me how will i be taxed? do i have to pay short term capital gains tax or normal tax as per slabs? thnx
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    good internet service in mumbai

    hi everyone, i am from mumbai. i have been using hathway internet service with 512kbps speed. I am planning to shift to airtel wireless service. can anyone share their experience about airtel. is it worth to shift to airtel? thnx
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    Commodity broker with charting

    hi everybuddy, i want to know if there is any mcx broker which provides intraday basic candlesticks charts like 1min, 5min charts etc. thnx
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    Stocks & commodities

    hi guys, i want to knowif there is any broker which allows you to trade stocks & commodities with same margin deposit. most brokers i know ask for two separate deposits to trade stocks & commodities. thnx
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    buy Chana around 2275

    hi everybuddy, accumulate Chana may futures around 2265-2275. upside possible upto 2335
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    commodities jobbing & speculation

    hi everybuddy, i am new to commodities. i want to start day trading in commodities. i basically trade usin technical analysis by following price action. but i want to start jobbing & arbitrage also. can somebuddy please help on what path i should follow. i need help on wich timing should i...
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    commodity transaction tax

    hi guys, can anybuddy tell me what is the commodity transaction tax for trading commodity futures on mcx?
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    My trades on forex gold & silver

    Head & Shoulder pattern on gold H4 chart. Gold can fall to around 1070 levels.
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    Career in commodity trading

    can anybuddy guide me on how to make a career in commodity trading? Please thnx