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    Are Mutual Funds Really Worth a Risk for Long Term?

    The recent market fall has made me think that should we really invest in mutual funds by sip or whatever way. I am long mutual fund investor and so I know patience, longterm, continue your sip and blah blah stuff already. My concern is different. what happened to franklin templeton debt fund day...
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    Trading in NEST/NOW versus Brokers own Software

    Hi Folks Does anyone think that INTRADAY trading using brokers own developed software like upstox pro, zerodha Pi, fyers web, finvasia scalpert or any such software offered by broker has following disadvantages 1. More slippages 2. All of a sudden you started making losses month over month...
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    Options Greek in Broker Terminals

    Why is options greeks data not available readily on NSE website or for the matter in NEST terminal? Are they purposely doing it to make it hard for retail investors?
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    Arbitrage Trading cash-futures

    I want to trade Cash-Futures arbitrage. Anyone has any experience with it? I had few questions. 1. Lets say I plan to buy SBI in cash and sell SBI futures. Buying in cash will attract STT/charges which are quite high. Also futures has some similar less charges. Then the math of risk free...
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    Alert service on Lot Size Change?

    Does anyone know about any alert service or notification service via email whenever LOT size for a stock futures/any trading derivative changes? Thanks.
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    Futures Trading and Retail Investor Contribution

    A two month old article that I bumped into. Rather than the news headline, what I found more interesting is the futures trading activity in India by retail traders in the article...
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    NCFM capital Market dealer module e book

    Hi - Can anyone please share the ebook/pdf for capital market dealer module exam? I have seen the course outline on NSE site. But want to be sure that I can really clear the exam by taking a look at the book in detail :lol::cool:
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    Questions - NCFM Capital Market Dealer Exam

    Hi Members- Anyone cleared the NCFM CMDM exam? Need some inputs 1. Where did you get the study material from? From NSE or outside? 2. Any other book references? 3. Did you appear for any mock tests? Links ? Paid tests? 4. Any free ebooks/study material references? 4. Tips? Do's and...
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    Max quantity for intraday without significant slippage in intraday?

    I normally trade stocks that are part of NIFTY (50 stocks) for intraday. In equity segment, for intraday, does anyone has any idea how much max quantity of a stock I can buy without having significant slippage and without being seen by the algo's and jobbers( if any)? I know I can buy as much...
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    How much funds have you parked with discount brokers?

    Just an interesting poll to gain an insight into much funds people generally keep with discount brokers. Note: Having low funds parked doesn't mean that you don't trust the broker. It all depends on one's trading style and risk appetite.
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    Sharekhan - Automated Trading

    Just thought of sharing. Sharekhan has launched automated trading for their tradetiger platform. You can code and automate either by writing a API client, or via Microsoft Excel plugin or via Amibroker to send order directly to trade tiger. No manual intervention required at all. The program is...
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    Operator Manipulation

    I keep on reading comments from trading members on many popular stock trading/share market forums that its a operators game in this stock. Take for example, a penny stock keeps on hitting upper circuits for weeks and then again lower circuits to make new life time lows. Why does this happen...
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    Profit sharing job with our experience ???

    One weird question for traders who have been into trading since last 7-8 years. Is there any company/organization which will provide us an opportunity to trade in their company and share profits ? I am asking this because after losing money, and understanding what it takes to trade I am at a...
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    Analyze my intraday strategy results

    Hi, I want feedback on the results of my trading strategy. I have a custom .net program to simulate trades as per my strategy on intraday data. I need feedback because of the huge volume of trades generated, and whether the profit justifies these trades. For 2011 and 2012 nse data, for 50...
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    Help - Buying farthest ITM PUT

    Hi All Options Trader, need your help to understand buying puts and strike price. I am expecting AXISBANK to go down which is currently trading at 1000 levels. What is see that the 1250 strike price LTP is very low at 4 (so it will cost me 4*250=1000 premium). If I buy this put, and at...
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    Intraday in equity(cash market) versus options

    Hi , If I do intraday in equity(cash market) and same trade in options ( will it atm or itm?), will the profit loss be same? In short, if one is short of margins, then can I trade the same call in options? Just like in case of futures, the price movement is very much similar to cash market...
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    AFL help new candle skips

    Hi - Need help with my AFL. The code is not trigerring on every new candle first tick. I want to dump complete candles OHLC values in a file as soon as tick for a new bar arrives. I am on a 15 min timeframe chart and every time a new candle starts, the afl should dump last completed candles...
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    AFL dumping wrong data to file

    Hi, I am using real time feed in amibroker. Below the AFL that I am facing issue with. When I attach the AFL to the chart, it dumps the last candle (any timeframe) data in a file. But the value dumped in the file is way too different from what I see on the chart for the last candle. Anyone has...
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    query on my options put trade

    Started trading options since last week. Got hold of some concepts like In the money, ATM and OTM. Also, understood to some extent intrinsic value. I understand buying a option. But with a put I am struggling. I bought 1 lot of option put of TATASTEEL OPT 30MAY 13 [email protected] rate: 2.90 I see...
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    Anybody wants to share Esignal cost with me?

    Hi, I want to share esignal software cost. I need esignal only during market hours for intraday. If anyone needs it for EOD analysis and not during market time, then we can share the cost. We all know that the quality of data in esignal is best and i think it really matters. If...