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    Help on TTM Trend

    I am trying to code TTM trend. The logic is as follows: AVPR = Avg Price of last 6 days When current day candle close is greater than AVPR, the candle will be of GREEN color, else RED. The code that I have written is as follows...
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    AFL programming help reqeust

    Hi Romeo1998, This is working correctly. Thank you very much.
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    AFL programming help reqeust

    I am facing a strange problem with VWAP and MVWAP plotting. I find that in 5 minute chart, some consecutive VWAP values are zero. Initially, I tried to code in such a way that if the previous values are zero, code will omit the zero value and take up the last non-zero value. But in some cases...
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    Need hlep on AFL code for Multi TF ribbon

    Dear Romeo1998, I am truly grateful to you for this. Thank you so much.
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    Need hlep on AFL code for Multi TF ribbon

    Dear Friends, I will be obliged to get some help with AFL code. MY AFL coding experience is basic and I am in the learning process. I am trying to have multiple timeframe ribbon with Green, Red or Grey Color The ribbon will have 4 stacks. Each Dash is corresponding to one candle...
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    AFL for Renko Chart with ATR

    thanks a lot Doss 186
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    AFL for Renko Chart with ATR

    issue resolved. hence deleted the comments.
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    NSE EOD Historical Data Split Dividend Adjusted

    Thank you all for your Kind suggestions.
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    NSE EOD Historical Data Split Dividend Adjusted

    HI, I am searching for about 10 year Historical NSE EOD data with Split and Dividend adjusted... This is for research purpose and so this one is one-time need. Do anyone know about any vendor who supplies the same with good reliability. I am OK for paid service also.
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    AFL for Renko Chart with ATR

    I am trying to code for a RENKO chart with ATR(5). Getting a screen with no chart plotted in that.But not able to do the same. My code is given below ( TJs code on Renko).. Can anyone help on proper coding? Getting a screen with no chart plotted in that. function FillRun( dir, num, changedir...
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    My System - My trades.

    Do any found Ambroker AFL code with ATR function? Great if you can guide me...
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    Yahoo fundamental data

    I have created an excel with macro for downloading yahoo Finance data. Sharing the same with all here. Only problem is that if no pf tickers are very high, excel gets hung. So you need to limit the tickers to around 20 at a time. Adust symbols in "Symbols' worksheet. But if anyone can improve...
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    how to download Amiquote fundamental data in excel

    I have downloded fundamental stock data to amiquote from yahoo finance. I want to export this data to excel so that I can do analysis. Do anyone know who to export fundamental data from amiquote to excel in tabular format? Each row need to have one stock data.
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    Amibroker AFL for Renko

    Hi, I tried to check the attached AFL on Renko. This is ffrom another forum and seems to be working properly. But when I am putting this in Amin=boker 6.0, it is throwing up multiple error messages. It seesm that version porting is needed. If anyone can help in getting this code corrected...
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    How to enhance Fibonacci Retracement and Extension level

    Hi, I use Fibonacci numbers quite a bit for stock analysis and prediction purpose. Amiborker provides FIB retracement and extension Maximum Fibonacci level provided by Amibroker is 261.8%. I want to extend this to level to 361.8% and 461.8%. Is there any way to attain this in amibroker...
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    Histogram for true range of price

    Hi, I am looking for an AFL which will draw 'True Range ' histogram for price in a sepearte pane based on the following: The True Range is defined as the largest of three measures: • Today’s High less Today’s Low • The absolute value of Today’s High less Previous Close •...
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    AFL for Histogram of price range

    Thanks a lot for your help. This is working fine. Regards, Addadutta
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    AFL for Histogram of price range

    Thanks a lot for this. A small request for improvement: How can I see the range value of a bar ( High - Low) in the top left of the pane? I hope I am able to express the need properly. Addadutta
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    AFL for Histogram of price range

    Hi, I am searching for AFL which will draw histogram in a seperate pane based on price range ( high -low). In case the main pane is for daily price bars, this should give histogram for daily price range and so on for weekly or hourly charts. Will be obliged if anyone, who has this AFL...
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    AFL code to find stock swhich are in uptrend or downtrend

    Dear All, I am looking for AFL code which will scan through the list of stocks and identify which stocks are in continuous uptrend or downtrend for 7 or more number of days. If the days are selectable, that will be more helpful. For example, I want to find which are the stocks that are...