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    Low Risk Low Returns- Target 50 NF per month per NF Lot

    I'd rather keep the more resourceful pages as bookmarks. I'll check them back whenever the need arises.
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    App for forex trading

    MT4 can be a good platform for android users and it yields several options simultaneously.
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    App for forex trading

    It helped me create my own technical indicators with MQL5 owing to the OOPs concept
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    App for forex trading

    I tried MT5 for trading futures. It turned out well as a multi-asset trading platform. It is smoother than MT4. However, I like the fact that MT4 was rightly designed for CFD.
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    Commodity trading strategy

    Yes, I'm being driven by emotions more often. An economic downturn makes me sceptical about investing, but then keeping my money vested with low-risk instruments makes me impatient for long. I know my money won't edge past the rate of inflation.
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    The Rise of Crypto Trading Scams

    Does 1:100 leverage sound good for trading? I would really love to know the pitfalls of this type of trading.
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    how to start automatic treding for zerodha client?

    "i want to start automatic trading from zerodha platform ." - Zerodha is an expert trading platform and they have their preset usage guidelines. Please go through them and you must compare a host of platforms before stepping into auto trading.