Stock Investing by Vijay Malik

Stock Investing by Vijay Malik 2019-07-09

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A Simple Guide to Hassle-free Stock Investing
Every investor has a dream that she should create a portfolio of stocks, which should generate wealth for her. The portfolio should become an alternative source of income for her. The portfolio should support her in the hard work to sustain and improve the financial position of her family, her lifestyle and if possible give her an opportunity to retire early and fulfil all her dreams: travel, adventure and doing things she is passionate about. I have the same dreams and desire that my stock portfolio should generate sufficient income; so that I might not need to work at a job as a necessary means to earn my livelihood. Monitoring my portfolio would be the only thing needed and I do not think of portfolio management as a job. It is my passion, which makes me feel lively and rejuvenated.
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