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    5 Greatest Inventions by Accident

    So all those things were invented by accident. Oh well. They still fit the description. They are accidents but we certainly do need better inventions than those. I have watched some very starange invention stories on discovery and I have to admit that they were quite fascinating. You guys should...
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    The most important factor in successful trading

    The important thing is knowledge. If you come in here and expect to make money in just a few days without even knowing much then you are going to be in a lot of problems. Some people only fail because they chose to fail by making careless decisoons that they come to regret later.
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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    I used to be afraid of the risks involved in this kind of business untill I realised that it is what makes it wat it is. It is from the riskd that we learn to be better traders. They offer very good experience to new traders. You can manage your risks in a lot of ways. You obviously need to...
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    OlympTrade - Whether we can trust this broker or not?

    The most important thing is not to stop after you’ve made some decent profits. The problem is to stop BEFORE you’ve given all these profits back after the market has changed.
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    First Ebola in parts of West Africa and now Plague in Madagascar

    Better concentrate on what we have now with new coronavirus than those you just posted out to me entirely, I do not get why people are simply so damn bad absolutely with that matter, stay at home and stay safe really. Thanks for that!
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    A mathematician, an accountant and an economist apply for the same job.

    I wouldn't deal with black accounting, it may hurt you in the long run, why create problems for yourself if you can really avoid it, can you please message me about that? I do want to see some other opinions, let's keep it all live for now.
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    Best course for trader development

    I do not know what to suggest to you entirely anyway. Cause everything is so damn outdated for everything there. Better learn everything from Youtube channels absolutely and entirely, maybe something like babypips school if people still not responded.
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    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    Good luck, man. Hope this will work out. This is pure gambling, and I’m just wondering what are you gonna do next if it works out? Take the money and go away? Anyway, I really wanted to give a piece of advice. With huge leverage, when you enter the position, you will have a great temptation to...
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    Forex trading guidance

    maybe you have been trading the wrong way. Trading with emotions has led so many people to quit forex. it is the desire for more and more money whrn trades are successful and they keep on trading but with higher risks. Sometimes it is good to trade with low risks and gradualy earn a lot og...
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    AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

    Yup, the leverage caps most of the brokers have adopted last year are killing small deposits owner’s trading as a business. And I also agree that recent volatility is a real opportunity for making money. Oil used to be making 1-1.5 dollars change within a day, not the ATR has doubled. It...
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    Hdfc account cancelled because of overseas forex trading

    Is your money safe now ? If so then everything is really damn fine anyway no matter how hard do you put it all that no matter what, I am hoping that you really need to be carefull anyway. What happens next with you entirely and absolutely probably.
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    According to a new research its impossible for an individual to day trade for a living

    I am sure that this study has both confirmation and accurate figures and statistics, but on the other hand, I have an accurate belief that you can make money with different strategies and approaches, and you do not have to take great risks with your money. In fact, the percentage of those who...
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    Petition to stop dishonesty on the stockmarket

    It's cool that you're trying to change something, but I'm not really sure what you mean with this petition? How are you going to use it? It seems to me that in order for it to have legal effect, you need to contact the regulatory agencies. Otherwise, it's just a document that means nothing.
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    How to start trading

    Just study the market more and don't be afraid to make a mistake, in fact this is all you need to see a positive result. So learn more and don't miss out on market information...
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    Happy Pongal

    Could you let me know more about this thing? I always thought it's something really that good like Diwali, but it should be something else, I want to learn more about historical meaning of that holiday. So let's do it please if you can.