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    Trend of Stocks

    Hi,i bought some shares in Karur Vysya Bank, IDFC and ITC..i want to know how long i should hold to book some good returns or accumulate( for better returns in a long term) or sell or re-enter ? KVB @ 315.50 IDFC @ 103 ITC @ 359 My key factors : holding KVB Shares till September can...
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    Problem in Demat Account

    Hi,i'm a new investor to stock market.Actually, i started my demat a/c and trading a/c before some months..During that period,i registered with NSDL website(via ideas for demat account).My DP told that i can see the stocks in nsdl websites online.After 3 months, i started to invest in shares and...
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    Joining Joy

    Hi friends, i'm very happy to join in traderji forum..