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    shoonya on desktop uses 300 mb ram alone cc cleaner wont help in pc desktop mobile version is fantastic .. 330 mb of ram and i have 4gb ram still lags me out .... hence i call shoonya desktop garbage ...and not in traders best interest nest used to consume only 15 mb
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    make a help ticket in finvasia may be if member repeatedly make ticket they might make nest comeback Yes true Shhonya is 300 mb of piece of garbage that Lags . Trader needs something thats light like nest lighting fast
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    Trading account opening without demat account

    i ditched zerodha and joined finvasia in 2016 you want to save brokerage Finvasia is broker but will save u lot of brokerage ;xD platform is shit laggy i suggest always go with broker that has nest ;xD has NEST thats my choice has is number 2 discount...
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    We are now searching a stock which will give good return.

    i am searching too i know 130 company exsits like that hehe
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    R com share will be incresed in some days because it is news that it will be buy by mukesh ambani so now it is good time to buy this share

    nope there are lot of other shared good one .. buy hdfc bank instead u will make more in a year ;xD
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    nope have to be courier and one more interesting thing about finvasia is you have 80 share of reliance in demate and R.s 0 in trading account sell 80 in cnc and 1 min later try buying 80 in cnc order will not go wont allow to buy 80 even if price reduces . u place 40 buy cnc...
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    so price goes more down as there is already delay of 10 sec in receiving otp lol so by time user puts 2 opt 20 sec are wasted already lol NOT in traders favor who is this idiotAbroad that came up with 2 opt idea is certainly idiot and does not trade in market per sure. It...
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    Need Amibroker license Rs 5000

    wait a min i too have that lol
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    Use finvasia phone app there desktop is LAGGY finvasia is no longer for active traders.... if u buy delievery finvasia is for you for trader find a broker that has nest ;xD lock this thread ;xD finvasia has gone deaf doen;t understand Active trader needs a Sharp light weight sword...
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    Compare costs of brokers here

    In cost no one can beat finvasia ;xD not uptill now Use finvasia phone app there desktop is LAGGY Finvasia with nest Was Hulk ;xD in brokers world Finvasia without NEst is liek THORS HAMMER only finvasia ceo can trade it . unwanted feature and come on 300 mb of shi*t exe no...
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    Is VP financials genuine?

    whatever i am not gone a click youtube link but i can tell you 1 thing dont short bank nifty ... buy it buy it hold it buy 1 lot keep 3x money as backup in bank thats my tradology why Bnk nifty go for hdfcbank ;xD king of banks haha
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    Need Amibroker license Rs 5000

    your version is Pirate of Cabirian movie My casa your casa ;xD Try FRee works good and it;s LEGAL 10000% my happiest day of life lol i got today PL9 ;xD
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    Is market price = buying price/share=selling price/share ? If no, why? explain..

    market price = difference bwt supply and demand ever seen market depth? watch market depth and when u sell at market price the best buy price gets it example tejas network share buyer be there at 100 shares @ 218 and second position 1000 shares buyer be at @...
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    Need Amibroker license Rs 5000

    nope it doesn;t allows to sell thats BS