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    Shopping Online

    Online shopping is very convenient and money saving too.No hassles of driving to Store in dense traffic for buying. Moreover, online shopping enables to browse,compare and has discounted prices. My preferred ecommerce sites are. 1.Amazon 2.Flipkart 3.Infibeam
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    The Song Touches you

    Yar Yar Sivam--Title song in the movie..ANBE SIVAM
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    Happy Pongal

    Wishing all members a Very Happy Pongal
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    My yahoo mail account is

    Consider terminating your account by going to Yahoo help/Yahoo Account termination page. you can create another account with two factor authentification.
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    Recommend Best broker for long term investment

    I have been using for my long term investments in shares.I am on Advance Trade platform which is web based and no software download.Overall satisfied :)
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    How to invest systematically in Silver?

    What is the current status of Silver ETF in India?
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    NSE/BSE Stock Ticker

    I need to install a real time Stock Ticker application for NSE and BSE on my Desktop for viewing during trading hours. Are there any Free/Paid applications? Which is the best? Download link is requested Thanks:)
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    agree with screen trader.for a beginner trading is out..don't know much about commodity trading..but you do some SIP in Mutual Funds to start with.
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    Your Health Insurance

    I fully agree.National it is.Also,they have varshta mediclaim[over 60 years]. I am under varshta cover.
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    Which is the Best Gold ETF in India?

    Gold Bees ETF,where I am invested as it is heavily traded compared to other ETFs. Reg SIP, You can buy 1 or 2 units periodically from your online trading a/c from or any other olnie roker.Its very easy-just like Stocks
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    Hi everyone !

    Hi Balli, You are welcome to our traderji forum and yes,you are right.You can get lots of info and useful advice from senor and experienced financial experts on stocks and other issues.Make use of it.
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    Whick Indian female business analyst is the most gorgeous?

    Have you all forgotten sweet Harishree Mehra of TIMES NOW[Ex CNBC}.My vote goes for Harishree
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    Best internet Browser

    Hi ger06, Thanks for the info.I downloaded crazy browser and am using it.It is fast,simple has similar features as IE7 and am able to browse the online trading sites.
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    Best internet Browser

    Iwas talking about plain browsing-no serious stuff..But why Its not loading image links-unlike Safari and IE? Even Firefox is behaving like that.
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    Best internet Browser

    Hey Creditviolet sir, You are right.Safari is very fast and cool.Opera doesnt display images from links on certain pages.So is Firefox[though otherwise its fast and smooth]. But nothing can beat IE in its slowness