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    Thoughts on Risk Management

    It is quite some time i didn't write here anything. Events that followed in over last 3 to 4 years took me to delhi, again today i had sometime to scribble something. So friends i am hoping to see you all back in action, and wish that you were all doing well during the period where i missed out...
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    Won GBP 500,000/- lottery

    pravinji, this is good way of tackling the problem!!!!. But I have heard that these type people are mostly criminals, So better leave them to be dealt by authorities.
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    Could some please explain what are locates and locate rules in short financing?

    see this... may be it is useful
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    Trading for brokerage.

    seems like novel idea, good luck
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    thread on Real Estate

    Re: Real Estate Code Words good reading..
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    thread on Real Estate

    nice post...
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    thread on Real Estate

    Thanks for a post in this thread. I had a few questions on your post 1. The PE ratios you have menitioned is annual? 2. What is your experiences in the three areas on which you have written?
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    Trading diary of a failed Trader

    @ Speed, Some real stuff, speed at the speed of light!!!!
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    First try for a sub-brokership from firms like Indiainfoline, ICICI direct etc. Then you can slowly migrate to become a broker by paying the membership fee.
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    HUF pan card

    Treatment of Income, under Income tax act is different for Individuals and HUFs. In certain cases you have some advantages of being categorised as HUF. Consult your Chartered Accountant on where you can get benefits.
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    thread on Real Estate

    Manish, are you saying that Zee has something to do with Real Estate business? Or this particular group has more influence on the realty market (compared to others) ?
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    GOSTX- Can anyone try It . Trading Firm Offer in india

    All the best vishal, thanks for the information. If you get further information pls share
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    Need teacher of AFL programing.

    Dymak, What you want to learn in AFL programming ?
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    requirement of computer programmer

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    thread on Real Estate

    Recently I happen to check for a 1BHK/2BHK flat on rent in Vile Parle/Santacruz area in Mumbai (Search is still on....). I came to know that the rent is around 40 K for good flat (livable). May be a year back rents were in the tune of 25 K for 2BHK flat (fully furnished). Also many occasions...