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    First time trading technicals (delivery based) - Astrazeneca

    Relative newbie to technical analysis (but not new to market). I did my first technical buy yesterday late evening - AstraZeneca at 3600 I bought it because it looked like a breakout from the VCP (volatility contraction pattern) with very high volumes. I am planning to stop loss it at 3239...
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    Books for practicing visual identification of patterns, trendlines etc

    I looked at his site. It's a fantastic resource. However, it's not what I asked. It shows patterns where already lines are cleanly drawn & patterns are identified (that's how most books also are). Once somebody draws a nice rectangle or triangle or flag or cup and saucer on a chart, I can also...
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    Books for practicing visual identification of patterns, trendlines etc

    Most books on technical analysis draw Cartoonish figures for explaining different patterns trendlines etc. I mean, it's very simple to identify patterns and trends if you look at the drawings in the book. The patterns are so clean, unambigous & simple. However, in real life, it's not like that...
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    What exactly does "Base" or "Emerging from a Base" mean (re: Mark Minervini)

    I am going through Mark Minervini's books. He keeps talking about "Bases" & "Emerging from a Base" & Base 1, Base 2 etc but he hasn't clearly explained anywhere what exactly is a "Base". Is there a proper definition/description of what exactly is a base?
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    Need help with identifying consolidation Patterns

    Thank you for the detailed reply. Do you see any of these in the charts above? What is Low Volumes Inside Pattern? Yes, of course.
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    Need help with identifying consolidation Patterns

    Hi guys, I am a relative beginner with Technical Analysis. Read quite a few books. In the books the charts & patterns so nice & clean & it seems like I understand them perfectly. But when I actually look at real life charts, I am totally unable to identify the patterns. In the books, they so...
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    Relative Strength (as per Investor's Business Daily) for Indian Stocks

    Going through Mark Minervini’s book. He has many criteria for screening for stocks one of which is the below How can I look up or calculate something similar for Indian stocks?
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    Chartink beginner filter questions

    Trying my hand at scanner filters for the first time. I want to create a couple of filters 1) Current Stock Price greater than 150 day Moving Average price line. Is below the right way to do it? 2) Current Stock Price 30% or more greater than 52 week Low. Is below the right way to...
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    Nifty Index Weekly OHLC, Volume data

    I was looking for Weekly OHLC, Volume data for the Nifty Index. I found it at Yahoo, but Volume data seems off August to current data shows volume in 1000s...
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    Last Price or Close Price - which would be used in a daily chart?

    Thank you. But what is the reason?
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    Entry & Exit points for NiftyBEES - should I plot the NiftyBEES data or the Nifty Index data

    This is not for day trading but medium to long term buying & selling of the NiftyBEES ETF. If is better for me to go through the NiftyBEES ETF chart or should I just look at the Nifty 50 index charts to determine entry & exit points?
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    Last Price or Close Price - which would be used in a daily chart?

    If you get stock prices from NSE Type in any stock symbol & click on Get Data. For any price, it gives 2 close prices - Last Price & Close Price. If I want to plot my own charts, which would I use as the Close price?
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    How to view someone else's published chart on TradingView?

    Someone published a screenshot of his chart on Twitter - I looked at the Nifty 50 chart on TradingView on my own browser & it looked different. So it's probably not the chart of Nifty 50. How do I figure out what chart he...
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    Editing or deleting comments/posts?

    Yeah, but after moderation has approved it, is it possible to delete a comment or post?