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    My daytrading

    :clapping:very good guidance by Raghava cc for the benefit of all. Thanks for the same. I will be happy if you please inform following 1. software and its settings tobe used for safe day trading to say earn at least Rs.1000/- a day. 2. Name of the scrips in which day trading is tobe...
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    New Intermed Uptrend!!

    Agro dutch is fallen because 1:1 right is declared at a premium of Rs.25/- and it is quoting ex-right. Medium term out look is good.
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    A Complete Trading Guide In Commodity Trading

    where to get intraday data and chart and EOD data and chart and which software tobe used. please advice to me at [email protected]
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    Buy today Sell tomorrow calls (btst)

    pl.add my Email. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Reg: Intra daytrading software

    Generally intraday data are not available free.However we can find in case of online platform such as sharekhan, ,kotak etc Paid software are metastock or falcon from reliable software
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    closing price vs tick average

    Tanewbie Thankyou for guidelines to members. Kindly continue your writeup for benefit of all the members. I shall be glad if you can send me some useful tips for using speed trade software and how to decide entry and exit point for any scrip. My Email ID...
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    Arvind And Alok??

    Alok is likely to cross Rs.85/- in medium term.
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    CEAT looking interesting!

    Looking to chart and fundamental CEAT is likely to cross Rs.120/-
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    TA Software

    to, investock kindly visit their tel.No. 6935311/12, 6350248
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    Matrix Labs & Balmer Lawrie

    matrix lab has given good breakout from lower top and bottom. price is likely to cross Rs.200/-. fundamentally also matrix is very good pick for medium to long term.
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    Trading Method.

    Dear hmp You are requested to please share you trading method and experience for benefit all members.Other members are also requested to share their experience, charting software used by them and useful tools for day trading as well as position trading.
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    Meta Data

    According to me meta data means data for meta stock software charting. Intraday data is available for which you have to subscribe for the same to data vendor such as viratech for meta stock or reliable software co for falcon charting program for intra day.
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    Practical trading education part

    sh50 try falcon software for intra day data. from reliable software co.
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    very good article be shrees on Day appears that he is a professional day trader.It will be appreciated by all if he continue his writing on day trading and share his live experience of trading with attached charts and data,type of software to be used,sample of data...
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    Thirumalai Chemicals

    very good scrip for medium to long term. company has made joint venture with malesiyan company and they plan to change raw matrial base for which company will invest Rs.25.00 crores and likely to comlete by march 2006. this will reduce cost of raw material by 50%.