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    Brokerage Calculation for Intraday in ICICIDIRECT

    Sekar . this is aout 3 years old. what is the latet figures for brokerage for day trading by icicidirect.
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    gorilla gap in saregama prices

    13 April 2011 closing price 79.35 15th 87.1 with High at 91.4 great increase in volume in spite of sensex fall not seen in BSE bulk deals. any explanation for a poor scrip to jump like this.
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    choosing stock Buffet's way

    has anybody worked on Buffett's principles and chosen 5 or 10 sIndian tocks which are worth investing in with time period of 3-5 years
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    Swing Trade tips with 98% accuracy!!!

    i am following your recommendation and arguments. how do you fix the stop loss?
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    technical Analysis for Investors

    Is Technical analysis useful for short term investors3-6 months) and if so what are the best indicators. Most of the threads on Technical analysis are only for TRADERS not for Investors. It is assumed fundamental analysis has been done.
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    When do you average

    what is the general principle of accumulation or what is called averaging for MEDIUM PERIOD INVESTORS. for e.g. I buy a stock at 100/=. then it starts sliding down. Assuming fundamentally this stock is good when do I average when it falls to 95% or 90% of last buy. Is there any such such...
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    everest kanto cylinder

    Everybody is talking about this and recommending this scrip. The P/E is 77.61(money control) as against the low P/E of industry is only 17.31. the PB is also hgiht 3.12. Net profit for Mar 2010 came down from 2009. the Q1 net profit is a loss. No wonder I am confused. Why this sudden...
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    stop loss for investors ,easy calcualtion

    I have seen many web pages and other references on this subject . Practically all of them are only for TRADERS, who play for short time(one day to 5 days). Those calcualtions are complex. There appears to be no objective method of calculation of stop loss for medium(3 to 12 months) and long...
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    welsupn gujarat data not available in yahoo financea.

    I found out . it is welcorp.ns
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    welsupn gujarat data not available in yahoo financea.

    there are two yahoo codes for welspun gujarat WELGUJ.NS WELSPUNGUJ.BO neither of them give latest data. what is the problem?. latest prices were available till a few days back.
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    chaikin money flow

    what is the reliability of chaikin money flow indicator.. Soemtime when the reice is rising the cmf show negative.
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    fnding out stop loss

    I am small investor trading small amounts and my time span is 1 to 3 months and profit margin is 7 to 10%. what is the rational.objective method (some sort of formula) of finding out the stop loss as well as trailing stop loss. I am well versed in excel and if it is in formulas even with its...
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    utility of technical analysis

    I have read a lot on technical analysis. I am small investor investing for short time about a month to 3 months to get very moderate profit of 7-10%. I base my decision mainly on MACD divergence and simple chart patterns. I succeed sometimes and sometimes I fail. Now does not technical...
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    Stochastic Oscillator

    I am using stochastic RSI(14) with Macd and voume to give buy and sell decisions. But I am always intrigued by stochastic RSI. In already rising market while MACD shows likely increase and volume above average stoc RSI shows above 80 or even 100 showing overbought situation. But the share is...
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    direct tax code and small investors

    some experts might have read the direct tax code issued recently by the Finance Minister. In this code the short term profits and long term profits will be included as income. This may not be much of a problem for intra day traders and professional traders as they even now include their short...