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    Help! Convert Metastock code to Amibroker AFL

    Do post if you get any response elsewhere as I too need to get a Metastock formula Converted to Ami!
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    Anybody has used MySwasto - Android app ? reviews ?

    I too have the same query.... users please respond ! :)
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    Inherited stocks, gold, money,silver are exempt from income-tax.

    No ! This is not a restriction... it only says that if you have a certain qty of Gold items without any documents to prove that you bought them from your tax paid income you will not be questioned. Beyond that threshold you need to substantiate the source of the assets! You can buy a tonne of...
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    Bollinger band strategy

    Maybe he is referring to this: Kindle edition is inexpensive! <Rs.200/- :)
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    If 90% of traders fail, why not just do the opposite?

    The captions of the Thread says it all ! "Re: If 90% of traders fail, why not just do the opposite?" Even if you do the opposite, the main factor remains unchanged: "traders" ! Had you asked : Re: If 90% of trades fail, why not just do the opposite? Still the answer would be same...
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    Multiple stop losses & profit targets for a number of lots while trading on MCX?

    No idea at all ! Not much of a computer guy ! :p But would request ou to share the solution as and when you find one !
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Going by my trading rules the short at 3103 would have given an opportunity till 3016 and at present the SAR is at 3041 !
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    That was a nice short I was holding... exited out of fear! Low made 3061 til now!
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Not trading any more for the day! Though there is a strong buy signal above 3110 ! Strong if any 15 candle closes above 3108. We are now close to 8 PM on Wednesday, hence avoiding.
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Exited at 3083 in view of it being a wednesday. Low now 3080, Now reversal level is 3098, so would maintain 3101 but shall enter trade only if triggered by 7PM !
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Low broken, does a low of 3083,have moved my SL to 3093 , its not reversal level, only exit. 3101 is valid for long but should change!
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    Rs 20k to 20 L 12 months time..

    MM, today is Wednesday, inventory day.... do some magical trades , should boost your confidence!
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Makes a low of 3087 ! Long above 3101 is valid again if low is not broken again!
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    If Low breaks, this is void.
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    Simple Scalping Crude

    Level for Long at 3101