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    Hello, I have questions and need your help. 5Paisa support is useless. 1. How can I add company in watch list? I can't find the place where I need to search the company name. Can anyone upload the screenshot highlighting the place where I can search the company name please? 2. How can I...
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    How can one place a SL order in a delivery trade in sharekhan?

    IMO, if you are buying a stock for delivery then there shouldn't be any stoploss and if you feel need to have a stoploss then you should NOT buy that stock. just my 2 cents!
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    Growth vs dividend

    If there is big gap between dividend and growth plan means that company gives regular dividend than where there is no or very less gap. There is tax on dividend that company pays to govt. So better go with growth. You will earn more with growth. If you need money just sell few units.
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    SIP monthly investment

    1. Answer to "Where to invest money" depends upon your goal. 2. Avoid dividend reinvestment plans. NEVER NEVER NEVER invest in it. IMO, always go with growth. If you need regular income then you can sell few units and get the money. 3. Check the ranking of MF scheme in and...
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    Any good excel trade log?

    What exactly you want? I may be able to create it for you. BTW, here I am attaching one that I am using.
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    Port 22 (ssh / sftp) working using BSNL?

    Try Port 2222.
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    1. Few users may forget. I may be the one of them. 2. Even if user remember, he may not able to do that because of some reason like power or computer failure.
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Update: I already received refund from Zerodha. Sorry for updating late. I wish they fix their issues.
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    Insurance Advice

    I guess, this question is for me??? Let me answer. The life is not stable and income too. So if I purchased yearly payment option investment plan then I need to pay the money every year which I may not have in future. So I prefer one time investment plans. If I will have enough money...
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Update: Today they called me and said that I can't open an account online as I don't have KYC. So I asked for refund. They told me to send payment, bank details and reason for refund by email to get the refund within 7 days. I emailed all details, let see.
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    I can't log into the support ticket. I think they deleted my support ticket. I want my money back.
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    I agree. I got error while opening an account and still waiting for reply from them to my email. I have already paid Rs. 300 as account opening charges. If I didn't received any reply tomorrow; I will file complaint with SEBI and Finance Minister. I am serious. :gun2: Very bad customer...
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Last night, I tried to open an account. I paid Rs. 300 using net banking successfully; but couldn't complete the next form details. So I closed the browser. Now how can I complete that form? Where can I log in? I already sent email but your email help us VERY SLOW.
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    Can you make money by short term trading?

    may be because doing job is NOT your destiny???. Instead of trying for job; try to make money for yourself by trading/investing.
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    Property Investment

    This is the main mistakes most of people do. You need to buy when and where prices are LOW. But most of people buy when and where prices are HIGH. Go for areas where development is happening and NOT where development has already happened. Avoid developed areas. IMO, sell your flat for...