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    Discussion on Trading course by Yogeshwar Vashishtha

    He is nothing but a snake oil peddler, couple of years ago i had a Big fight with him over his views on the market ( he had a positive outlook in a falling market and he really lost face over his view but his followers lost a ton of money) , he took a sabbatical but is back with his seminars...
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    Automate Trading for Retail Traders in NSE

    Can you tell me which broker can give me omneysys nest pulse as the trading platform . Thanks
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    How to browse or

    the site is not working i think the company has gone bankrupt , on their facebook page there are no updates after june 27.
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    Which brokers offers charts software?

    If you want excellent charting facility tradetiger from sharekhan is the best,but with high brokerage,normal odin client from rk global does the job if low brokerage is priority.
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    Technical indicator alerts in ODIN

    I am using the ODIN software for my trading , provided by RK global, on the menu there is a Charts tab which has an technical alert builder which is not active. I would like to know how to make it active or do we have an active technical indicator builder on platforms provide by other...
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    Best Trading Terminal

    On the top right of the graph screen you have the icons for horizontal line- support/ resistance, trend line, fibonacci retracement, and vertical line. Happy trading
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    Sharekhan or Angel..... Plz Plz Plz Help me.

    No idea about angel but sharekhans trade tiger is the best when it comes to software, if you wanna go for low brokerage then i can vouch for RK global have been using their service for over an yr and pretty satified with their service.I would suggest you to open up with sharekhan and get a hold...
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    advanced tools for options-free software

    You can try
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    advanced tools for options-free software

    Thanks dude , i am able to get the quotes only for reliance and nifty, can u guide me as to where i can get rest of the symbols,would be really glad if you could post the symbol for jindal steel thanks
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    advanced tools for options-free software

    I am not able to get nse quotes on options oracle can you help me with that