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    BSE Metal Index Begins NEW Uptrend

    BSE Metal Index Begins NEW Uptrend The BSE Metal Index seems to have begun a new uptrend (see attached chart). Below is a list of stocks that are constituents of this index with their Relative Strength ranking. Security Name Rank Jindal Stainl 54 Welspun Gujarat 41 Guj NRE Coke 30...
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    Relative Strength Ranking

    Relative Strength Ranking updated on 28th June 2005 (arranged in descending order of rank) Please see attached pdf file. You can use this information to select stocks to BUY after the correction/pullback is over.
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    Ten Mid Cap Stocks to consider

    Most mid-cap stocks are in a correction after the heady rise over the last few months. You could however wait for this correction in the mid-caps to be completed before adding more stocks to your portfolio.
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    Hallo Every body! Random numbers and equity Prices

    As traderji has mentioned many times before in this forum that the markets are not predictable except in the most general way. In his book, Methods of a Wall Street Master, famous trader Vic Sperandeo, whose nickname is "Trader Vic," warns: "Many people make the mistake of thinking that...
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    Some Group A stocks beginning new uptrends

    Some Group A stocks beginning new uptrends - BUY Signal SecurityName Close RS StopLoss Alok Inds 67.30 21 62.60 Alstom Projects 240.95 97 218.30 CESC Ltd 184.45 78 174.00 Great Eastern Sh 156.45 11 151.50 Guj Ambuja Cemen 453.55 62 431.20 Merck(I) 418.00 4 402.00 Nicholas Piramal...
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    Low Price Mid Cap Stocks for investment

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    Some Indian Mid Cap stocks to consider

    Some Indian Mid Cap stocks to consider With the CNX Mid Cap Index touching a new all time HIGH here are some mid-cap stocks for readers at to consider for investment. AVAYA GLOBAL CARBORUNDUM EXIDE INDU INDO GULF FER INFOMEDIA IND MUNJAL SHOWA RANE ENGG VAL ROLTA IND...
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    Relative Strength Ranking

    To help members of select the best stocks to go long in the current upmove, attached please find the relative strength rankings of all major indices and stocks. What is Relative Strength? RELATIVE STRENGTH IS NOT RSI, (or Relative Strength Index). Relative Strength is a measure...
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    A "Holiday"from trading

    In order to be a successful trader, you must understand the true realities of the markets. Most traders indulge in trading only to lose a substantial portion of their capital and then leave trading without ever having a correct perception of what good trading is all about. Mathematicians have...
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    A Moving Average Trading System

    No, this is not curve fitted for any market or index. This is just an example. You can very well try your own set of moving averages.
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    Technical Vs Fundamental Analysis

    Attached is a PDF file we had published some time back on the difference between Fundamental & Technical analysis.
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    Stocks generally go through two dominant phases: range expansion & range contraction. Range contraction is also referred to as congestion or consolidation. It is a constricted price are where the stock will trade for a period of time. A good example of this is the symmetrical triangle...
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    Stock Pick Update at

    Stock Pick Update at We have just updated our stock pick on Jaiprakash Associates. For more info go to ->
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    Geometric Software

    You can read our tutorial on Trendline and Trendlines for trading Indian Stock share market
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    Significance of weekly/monthly charts?

    You can read the entire article with chart examples on or website at Those of you who may be interested in reading about trends in different time frames can visit