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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    Renko charts in Kite is not working from 5 p.m. Anyone else having same issue ? Hope someone from Zerodha looks at our post and do something...
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    You Tube Treasure to improve trading skill

    Thanks for making an great start to this thread with your post !
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    You Tube Treasure to improve trading skill

    Mr Shane... Do post videos,even if you think that they are of medium quality, I mean of little use. Who knows... It may become foundation for a newbie. Thanks..
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    You Tube Treasure to improve trading skill

    Hi guys ! All of us know that there are thousands of videos available in You Tube and they are real treasure to develop and improve trading skills. Since the collection is very vast,it is literally impossible to scan all important videos. Traderji forum members who have stumbled upon interesting...
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    Thread for experienced professional commodity traders can be tried. Though I have no direct or indirect business association with them. Always having real time charts is suggested for trading,irrespective of the number of contracts one trades. Whatever charts provided free by discount brokers are not reliable. Sharekhan Trade Tiger...
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    Thread for experienced professional commodity traders

    For real time data feed to be used in Amibroker,there are vendors who provide services for as low as Rs.500 per month. Better to subscribe to them rather than getting delayed quote from free providers.
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    How the MACD can fetch you money - Newbies

    Beautifully presented post. Nice to see useful posts in Traderji. MACD if used properly,with timely exits,is very useful for consistent profits. If used in conjunction with multi time frames or additional filters,would reduce whip saw. Do keep posting more useful posts.
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    Zerodha - Number One Discount Broker in India

    I would like to share my pre account opening experience with Zerodha. Being a high volume professional trader,I thought of trying out Zerodha,to benefit from brokerage saving. I first tried to get details through one of its authorized sub broker. The way he spoke was shocking and surprising...
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    Need help on Trading Account Service Provider (POOR ANGEL BROKING SERVICE)

    There is no point in blaming the brokerage when it is your mistake. Pure common sense,a person having the capacity to make money will not waste his time working in a brokerage company and give tips on making money. Anyone who does not have the time or patience to learn trading and take own...
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    Wealth Creation

    Wonderful thread and very valid points. Refreshing after banging against silly threads,people planning to make millions from few thousands within a few months time! Carry on bro,with your nice posts....
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    How did I make profits after consistent loss

    Great Cubt bro ! Salute your spirit and attitude. All the very best. :thumb:
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    My algo trading daily performance

    Just out of curiosity,if you do not mind sharing ofcourse, from the day you got into Algo,till today,what would be your annualised return on investment in percentage. I mean average return per annum on your investment in percentage. Thanks and good luck !
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    where to learn??

    There are lot of books and videos in You Tube. Also,NSE Equity and Derivatives Module is excellent.
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    Hi and welcome! Here you will find interesting and informative articles,trader's experiences and interaction. All the very best for a profitable future!