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    Nymex Crude Oil Strategy

    Just try for nymex crude. Regarding mcx i have no idea.
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    Nymex Crude Oil Strategy

    US market opens at 5.30 PM IST and London market closes at 9.30 PM IST. Normally at this time crude will have good movement.
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    Nifty bottom found

    Excellent joke.:clapping::lol:
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    Beware of RelianceMoney !

    In mobile business or in Reliance money all this problem is happenning due to their staffs of insufficient knowledge.I very well know in many centres they recruited staffs with limited knowledge or nil knowledge,They simply saw their bogus certificates and appoint them.Instead, if they recruit...
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    Icici direct d-link

    Eventhough ICICI is not providing any better service ,why people are sticking with them.We are seeing only few complaints from this site,but actually lot of people are loosing money with ICICI.Perhaps they are not interested to search better brokerage firms or not having sufficient knowledge...
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    Frustrated with RelianceMoney!!

    It seems very very hard to find a reliable broker.:confused:
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    POA--Power of attorney

    Thanks kabhi , rider for your information.
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    POA--Power of attorney

    Is it mandatory to sign the power of attorney form/page, when opening a new account with a broker? If we want to trade ourselves why this is required-Many problems are arising by signing this form/page. Comments , please.
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    Confused - Sharekhan vs Icicidirect vs Hdfc vs Kotak vs Indiabulls vs 5paise

    Yes ,it's very good idea to have individual threads for each broker,so that we can have a clear idea about the brokers.
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    Your Online Broker

    Any comments on
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    Web-based trading service vs. Trading Terminal

    Anybody share their experience with Indiainfoline.
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    Problems With Sharekhan

    Some experienced traders may clarify which is best--trading terminal or java based web for trading.thanks in advance.
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    Is it legal or illegal?

    Can u please give more details.
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    Any Forex Brokers in India ?

    Still you didn't got permission from traderji?
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    GCI Online forex trading account

    Now it is Rs.50,000/year.