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    Book required..
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    Which companies report IN and Out of market hours

    Check this link for more information. Mostly for F&O Stocks
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    Options strat Trading diary -

    Yes you can always buy and take delivery of stocks.
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    Option traders! Have you ever failed to find buyers/sellers for squaring off your position?

    This has happened to me many times. Lesson learnt was to trade only in liquid stock options like Reliance, Tatamotors, ICICI, Infosys, etc...
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    Options strat Trading diary -

    IOC will be in physical delivery from October 2019 onwards. Till then it's cash settled. Check out the schedule at NSE
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    Options strat Trading diary -

    IOC is not yet in physical delivery I think. This is as per
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    Why are Nifty Options Price So High

    Days to expiry for this month is more compared to other months (31st). Also market has down or choppy for the last few months. This increases the IV (Implied Volatility). So time value (theta) and greater IV (vega) are contributing to higher option prices.
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    Maximum number of lots

    If it is near money nifty options it should be fast may be lessthan a minute. I suppose there is a maximum limit to 300 contracts per trade.
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    Is 10 Crore tradable in Indian F/O

    If you put Market order it will be less than a minute. Look at the data for the last 5 days, the average total number of contracts traded for the near month is about 4,00,000, which comes out to about 1025 contracts per minute.
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    Hello Zerodha, When I am trying to login with Mobile Application (Android, I bought this phone for just NSE Trading), I get You are not permitted to logon to this server error. This does not happen on NSE Now Software or the website, only on Mobile Application. I have already sent a mail to...
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    How to Find Call Premium Price on Intraday?

    Visit Scroll down to get the Annualised Volatality at other information section. You can get this information for any stock and index. Rate of interest can be calculated by taking the...
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    Option Strategies Classes

    Also do a Option trading search in youtube, you get numerous sites to learn. Get the idea from them. Then modify to suit your interests.
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    How to Find Call Premium Price on Intraday?

    In absolute mathematical terms you can use the below calculator. Indian markets rarely follow this model. But you can get an idea.
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    Trading thru Mobile phone

    I use iPhone with 3G in Singapore. It sure does not replace a Desktop or Laptop, but can be used to enter or exit a position on the move.
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    Trading using cellphone = which broker is best?

    iPhone is the best