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    F's trading journal

    You forgot to mention stop loss I think.
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    Help on Funding online forex trading

    You took it a bit differently, I am sure if you exchange your money for any e currency like paypal or e gold or any other, you are paying more always. While with credit card transfer direct to your trading account is tyhe best way, both the brokers ( there are more in the list) accept credit...
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    Psycology- Trading To Win

    Go chase the following link to find something of your interest. "Trading to win-The psychology of mastering the markets Enjoy reading and Trade Nice with Discipline.!!
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    Forex from scratch --a helping hand from pipshower...

    What was the final out come of the trade?? Did you let it hit your new SL or you closed it inbetween? And Why?
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    How to buy a farm house by trading markets!

    Great. Keep It Up. You know consistency and discipline are the keys. One who has both can earn a farm house from a starting account size of only . You have not mentioned anything about timesapn you are looking for !! I only want to say that your gold should have been timebound (even if it...
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    how to Converting forex gold rate to MCX gold rate

    First you should know that 1 Ounce equals 28.3495231 Gms. The rest is easy part. $900 an Ounce equals 28.35 Gms. and 1 USD has a definite value in INR. Say value for 1 $ is 50 Inr. then 900*50=45000/- Inr. you get our rate as 45000/2.835=xxxxx This xxxxx will be our rate for gold for 10 GMS...
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    Forex data request.

    Link i sent you is just what you are looking for. It is in the same format you are looking for. The columns are not given titles , thats all . They are infact OHLCV !!!!
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    Forex data request.

    I thought just the same,:lol: it contains 5 min data from Oct 14th2008 and EOD fromApril 28 1994 till date.:thumb: Enjoy, do let me know if you want more data like this for diff timeframes or currency pairs!!!!!!
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    Forex data request.

    Find attached a link RAPIDSHARE (where i have uploaded these data for you) for CSV file for 5 min intraday data and one for EOD data. tell if that is of any help for you.
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    Forex data request.

    What format you are looking for? Do you mean data in excel ? What time frame intra day?
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    Thehallmark trading set up for trial

    Hi guys, hope all are enjoying trading forex. Here I am back with a "Gift" for all who are intrested in trading forex but still are not able to find a nice set up. I am posting a set of indicators here which will work only on MT4 plateform, i prefer to trade with this on a 15 minute time...
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    Belated New Year Gift For All , Take Yours Now !!

    Know Your Trader Personality Does your personality get in the way of trading profitably? Despite academic arguments about whether personality is consistent across time and across situations, and whether or not personality influences job performance, I'm sure that you can think of ways that...
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    Belated New Year Gift For All , Take Yours Now !!

    Committment to Change Successful trading requires one to learn from mistakes and make lasting changes. Change requires a careful analysis of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It requires that one take a good, hard look and make a commitment to change. The first step...
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    Metastock MACD Exp Advisor and 4X

    LOL MACD is the most lagging indicator (all the indicators are lagging as they follow the market ), i feel trading only with macd is not worthy, tho the best use of macd is to trace out divergences . you need some other indicators to support your trading decisions. Btw MT4 has built...