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    Now I'm trying to trade on signals. It turns out pretty well. I found good signals StormGain shares TOP signals
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    I will sell bitcoin from 9200. The trend is down, the stochastic has risen above the level of 80. At 9200, there is resistance - the Kijun line.
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    Bitcoin is still correcting before a jerk up. Support lies at 8000, where the Tenkan line runs. The target for buy may be 14,000.
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    "The next week will be a critical time for anyone interested in Bitcoin (BTC), as it presents an opportunity for profit that you shouldn’t miss. The scheduled Bitcoin halving event will happen on 12 May 2020. After this date, the number of bitcoins awarded to miners will be permanently and...
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    StormGain reports that the Bank of France has stated that the XRP concept will serve as the basis for creating digital currencies of the Central Bank. A new private payment system based on Ripple is being created. Ripple also intends to upgrade its platform. It is recommended to buy on a...
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    demo contest

    StormGain crypto trading contest with 100 000 USDT prize starts on 13 March and lasts until Thursday 09 April. Test your trading skills in our demo – win real money! 1. Fill in the registration form to get a demo account of 50,000 USDT. Users can register in the tournament at any time – even...
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    Forex on weekends

    The crypto market is open on weekends. Some forex brokers provide the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. If interested, I can recommend StormGain, there are the lowest fees. Forex does not work on weekends, as they have already noticed.
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    Trading Platform..

    MT4 is a very convenient platform. I also note the Libertex platform.
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    Trading Futures: Indices Vs Individual Stocks

    I prefer individual stocks. I think that out of habit. You can also find news releases on individual promotions. There are many individual shares. You can browse through a large list looking for something interesting.
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    How to Learn Discipline

    By discipline, people understand different things. For example, if the trading system gives ambiguous signals and the trader gets confused, he can lay the blame on the lack of discipline. Write a trading robot, and you will be happy. And if you break money management, keep a small amount on your...
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Is it time to sell Dow Jones. See, the trend is going down, as the Ishimoku lines are lined up according to the seniority of the periods. Below is red Tenkan, above blue Kijun, above all Ishimoku cloud. The Stochastic is overbought and is above the 80 mark. The price is beating down from the...
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    And yet the cocoa moved down. Futures ran a little upstairs, not fatal. But then he moved well down.
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Thank! I'll know. But I still think that it will move down. Lacking only the level, 2500 passed. I'm not very good at futures trading yet.
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    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    COCOA futures are very overbought, maybe it's time to sell. Stochastics above 80, rsi above 70. But the trend is going up, I'm afraid to sell against the trend. Н1
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    Bitcoin has grown well. Now bitcoin has entered the Ichimoku cloud, so it will reach the upper limit of 10,000. But stochastic and RSI are already overbought. Probably from 10.000 there will be a reversal of the price down or a small correction. Weekly