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    Bitcoin has grown well. Now bitcoin has entered the Ichimoku cloud, so it will reach the upper limit of 10,000. But stochastic and RSI are already overbought. Probably from 10.000 there will be a reversal of the price down or a small correction. Weekly
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    How To Use Pairs Correlation In Trading

    You cannot use correlation. If you are trading the euro, then trade it. And here a pound? Yes GBP / USD may pass more or less EUR / USD. So what? Why this diversification? It is much more correct to trade what you know well.
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    General Trading Chat

    Well guys, we will buy the EUR/USD? In my opinion the moment has come! How do you think? Daily
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    General Trading Chat

    In the flat, you can also trade well. It is important to know what trend or flat. Sometimes the emerging trend is very let down. I recently just losses got to about the breakdown. I thought that the trend started and opened an order is very unprofitable.
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    What can be a realistic expectation of returns from Intraday trading?

    Nothing to expect. It's different for everyone. Some lose money. Others make a profit of 10% per month, and this is an excellent result. I recently saw a trader who makes 100% per day.
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    Quit job for full time trading

    I do not advise anyone to quit their job for the sake of trading. Trading is unstable. This game. Today you win, tomorrow you lose. And what will you live on if you lose? We must have a spare source of income. To deal with the trading and the main work.
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    How to start trading

    I advise you to start with long-term trading. You will have time for work. Intraday trading takes a lot of time and effort. It is better for you to trade without quitting your job. Also view trading charts, test your strategies, watch and remember how currencies move. It's easier to do on...
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    Jokes? And bitcoin went up well.
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    According to stochastic, bitcoin is overbought. But if you believe Ichimoku, bitcoin is moving in an uptrend. Tenkan, Kijun and cloud lined up in order of periods. How long will the trend last? Daily
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    Small profits , high trades , is it sustainable for long term ?

    I have seen many traders take 1% profit from a trading account. Then another 1%, then another and another. The account is increased by 5%, the trader is happy. And then loses everything.
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    Gold trading

    It seems to me that gold will soon rise in price well. Stochastic dropped to 20, which means there is a potential for upward movement. Ishimoku lines are moving almost in trend. Kijun will soon be above the cloud, and Ichimoku will show an uptrend. Weekly
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    Crude Oil Trading

    WTI rests on the resistance formed by the Kijun line. Probably soon there will be a rebound down. Moreover, the stochastic moves above the level of 80 down. Weekly
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    Daily Technical Strategy On Currencies & Commodities

    The Euro earlier broke the resistance of 1.1315. Today, the Euro returned to the broken level, pushed it up. Now the purpose of this pair will probably be the level of 1.1400. Н1
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    Bitcoin trading

    Bitcoin will continue to fall. In the US, detained the head of a cryptocurrency pyramid. Also found a bug in the program that allows you to steal money from electronic wallets.
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    This Guy is my Hero

    It motivates me a lot, thanks.