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    Effect on Price on issue of Bonus Shares

    Dear Seniors, I have a question on bonus issue. A company has announced robust earnings for 2005 with net profit crossing the $ 1 billion mark and total assets growing to $ 26.3 billion. The board of directors has proposed bonus shares of between 15 per cent and 25 per cent as cash dividend...
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    A Few Qs. In T.A. for development

    Check if this tutorial is of any help. /
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    Basics for Technichal Analysis

    Thank you very much for putting those educational materials.
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    Trading with money I cannt afford to lose

    I know something from here and there about stock market and am at learning stage. My plan is to learn the basics quickly and then to open a demo account with virtual money (I am still looking for a website with demo and virtual money, could anybody help??). Meanwhile during learning and...
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    Intraday Calls

    Re: Intraday Call I echo the same.
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    i found one pivot calculator here : Is this of any help? Yet another pivot point system was developed by Tom DeMark, a famous technical analyst and president of Market Studies, Inc. This system uses the following rules...
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    Intraday Calls

    Re: Intraday Call Nice pick supra
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    Please guide me how to trade online and where to invest

    Could anyone suggest me a site for making a demo portfolio?
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    Stock Valuation

    I am sure other novices like me would be interested in this query. Please somebody explain.
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    Earnings Per Share - EPS

    Thanks Ivan.
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    Earnings Per Share - EPS

    I have a query here, may sound stupid, but as mentioned in my intro, I am new to the field. EPS = Net Income / No. of Shares P/E = Price of Stock / EPS Now, after rearranging : Price of Stock = P/E x EPS What is an ideal P/E and how is it arrived on?