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    How to build a Long Term Mutul Fund Growth Portfolio

    First of all I would like to say investing in Index ETFs can work best when you set it up as a risk minimizer for your other high risk investments! If you are looking to make a good portfolio out of it trust me its not gonna work! As for your funds selection >> Franklin Templeton's Small...
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    Need advice on MF Portfolio

    ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund is good actually! I would like to suggest what I believe in terms of long term investing. You are looking at the time horizon of 5-7years standing today at 2015. Down the line there might be other funds topping these ones! Are you flexible enough to adjust...
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    Need help on Top PSU Banks

    Hello Friends, As you all would be knowing that once the reverse interest cycle starts PSU Banks will rock the charts! So can you provide a list of potential PSU Banks that can generate more returns than the other banks in the PSU?
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    SH's 315 Strategy - how to use if effectively

    This method looks awesome! I did a side-by-side tally of Dena Bank vs Bharti Airtel really nice! Btw thinking of entering into Dena Bank at this time.. what do you Guys say??
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    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    So any free software that gives great insight in realtime?
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    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    oh okey! Is there anyway to find out the total number of shares left in the market in that momentum? I mean in Realtime!
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    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    Hello Guys, what's the significance of the volume inside the trading window? Is it the number of shares available in the market? Or the total number of shares currently traded since market opening?
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    Dragonfly Doji in Lupin Charts

    Hello Guys, I seem to have found a Dragonfly Doji Presence in the chart below but what happens when a Dragonfly Doji appears after a sort of uptrend? HELP please!
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    [HELP]Need Advice on some stocks

    Hi, I need an outlook of how these stocks are behaving and what can be the intermediate movement of them. I kinda feel negative for them - KS OILS, GULFOILCOR, and MARICO What are you views? PS: I hope this thread has been posted in the right discussion area. If not then the moderators...
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    Trade of the Month

    I think NIFTY will continue to be around 4800 to 5400 levels before the Election Results!
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    HDFC ISA - How to stop SIPs

    Maybe you should visit the local HDFC Head Office
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    Enjoy lowest brokerage of your choice with Religare

    What's the Annual Charge for a DP?
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    Opening a new DP

    Hi, I want to open a new DP. So how are the services and annual charges of these following services: 1) IL&FS 2)Karvy 3)Religare 4)SBI CapSec I hope this was appropriate sub-forum to post this topic..
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    If GOD appears in front and ask me "what do u want"?

    I will say "Eh? whatchup Doc??"
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    Newbie :)

    Hi Guys :) This is my very first post in this awesome forum :) Hoping to learn great strategies and investment ideas from you Experts out there :thumb: Cheerz!